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Not sure why this hasn’t been suggested already, so I may as well ask…

Is there an alternative to SmartThings/Samsung hub that still works with RBoy RLA?
We use Schlage Zwave BE469ZP locks (I believe), and just happened to go with SmartThings hub and RBoy when we first started (2016)… since they’ve been working for us this whole time, there was no reason to change anything.

(rant alert)
Even though SmartThings cust service (up until now) has been great, I have no loyalty to them if they’re going to make a change that so greatly effects so many. If they didn’t want third party platforms stepping on their hardware, they should have created the tools to start with. Though I haven’t used SLGA yet (only because it has to be integrated in person so I’ll have to fly to the home just to install), it sounds like a poor excuse for a replacement of what was an awesome option, and everything else I’m seeing is exponentially more expensive. Pissed.

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I believe the OP was asking the other way around: is there a way to keep the Rboy app but use a different hub?

And the answer is no, not at this time.

It should be possible to do with hubitat, which uses a similar development environment, and was done by some other third party for profit developers like Yves Racines’ HVAC SmartApps. But that’s been discussed for over a year on the hubitat forums and it just appears that they could never come to a business arrangement for that to happen. :man_shrugging:t2: not a technical issue, a financial one.

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I’ve created a new topic where people can discuss alternatives to RLA for managing lock codes on the new architecture:

Manage Rental Lock Codes after Groovy?

That should be easier to find for more people, and keep this thread from getting too far off topic. :sunglasses:

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