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Thanks for sharing this @buster. I’d heard from Maddie that the new solution would be a monthly subscription and assumed (based on what the FAQ page implied) that there were missing API functions that they were waiting on Samsung to offer. From everything I’ve read these advanced third party integrations have always been pretty far down in the list of priorities for Samsung itself. They don’t seem to appreciate the value of the ecosystem in keeping customers on their products and (perhaps) think they’re better off building out inferior first party solutions than supporting the third party developers who’ve already built them. The fact that they don’t get a cut of the revenue share of these third party tools certainly gives them little financial incentive to continue supporting them.

So a couple questions + considerations:


  • Post 12/31, will we still have access to the Groovy (graph.api…) site or will that immediately disappear in this Sharknado-class fiery explosion of website catastrophe?
  • If a lock’s using a custom device handler (like RBoy’s thermostat and lock apps) how do we know whether basic functionality (like manually adjust temp or setting manual lock codes) will remain after 12/31/22? While an inconvenience, I can staff up to cover some manually codes generation for the first month through the first party Lock Manager app from SmartThings while working on replacement of the hardware locks…


  • For those of you rental mangers using newer, WiFi-based smart locks (ie: Schlage Encode / Sense locks or Yale/August locks) or separate channel managers, you may have the ability to integrate in with your reservations and set codes directly: whether by the lock’s API itself or channel manager’s integration with platform.

Here’s a few specifically:

  • Guesty for Hosts aka: YourPorter. Allow for automated generation of guest codes… at a cost of $0.75/booking.
  • August Locks direct AirBnB integration integrates directly with AirBnB with (what appears to be) no monthly/subscription costs.
  • Igloo Algorithmic Locks (one the nicer new smart locks solutions I’ve tested) and Igloo’s direct AirBnB integration has no monthly fee or subscription costs to set codes. The deadbolt lock’s also 1/2 the cost of comparable Schlage locks, works offline, and has a 9V battery backup option in case of total battery drain.
  • Schlage Encode integration [appears to rely on RemoteLock’s subscription] (supportRmoteLock) but may be an option for some folks looking for a plug and play option and already have the hardware.
  • KeyCafe is not really “smart” integration in that you’re still using a key, but at least you’re allow for automated exchange of keys with tracking.

A monthly subscription, even if it is $10 per month per property would be very welcome. That being said it would need to be a commercial application with commercial support and not just text wikis. A mature product offering. What I would like to see is what capabilities are missing and holding Rboy back. Perhaps it is a feature that we might not even find that important. WiFi locks at scale chew through batteries, Z-wave will last 6-12 months. Integrations need to be broader than just AirBNB. OwnerRez or other PMS need to be supported. RemoteLock uses a Vera Hub, so not really interested in more Radio Frequency (RF) flying around the properties. Dual Z-wave systems seems like it could have consequences. I have been chatting with Lynx and think that might be the short term way to go, unless Maddie can get us a pilot/beta in the next 7 days we can test.


Has anyone tried this as a replacement for Rboy?

Isn’t that just a hardware solution with integration with airbnb API? There’s a few locks out there that do this, including the Igloo locks I mentioned above.

I’m just gonna use the new Samsung “smart lock guest access” solution until RBOY updates their apps to the new platform. Yea it will require a bit of manual work for a while, but at least it still works remotely. And for all we know RLA might even work on the new platform come Dec 31st.



This is an update for the upcoming SmartThings migration. SmartThings had previously communicated that they expect to shut down the groovy platform on December 31st. While we have been working with SmartThings to migrate our apps to the new platform, the migration may not be completed before SmartThings shuts down their old platform. When the shutdown happens, it will impact all installed groovy SmartApps including Rental Lock Automater (RLA), Lock User Management (LUM) and Lock Manager API (LMAPI).

We recommend an interim option that would allow you to continue operating your locks remotely through SmartThings. SmartThings has released an app called Smart Lock Guest Access (SLGA) which allows you to manually program user codes from the SmartThings mobile app. To install Smart Lock Guest Access:

Open your SmartThings mobile app

2. ```
  Click on the Life tab at the bottom

Click on +

4. ```
  Scroll down and click on Smart Lock Guest Access (if you don't see this app, please send an email to support@smartthings.com and ask them to enable it for you)

Follow the on-screen prompts to install the SLGA app

6. ```
  To program user codes, click on "LOCKS" drop down on the top and then select "Lock Codes"

You should see all the existing programmed users (including those from RLA, LUM and LMAPI)

8. ```
  Click on "Invite Guest" to add new users to your locks

You may also be able to access SLGA from a web browser in the near future via https://my.smartthings.com and then click on Automations.

Please note that while you can install SLGA alongside RLA/LUM/LMAPI, you will not be able to add/delete users from SLGA as long as RLA/LUM/LMAPI are “enabled”. One way to program users via SLGA would be to “disable” your existing installed SmartApps without deleting them. To do this, click on the Automations tab, scroll down to the SmartApps section and “disable” the RLA/LUM/LMAPI SmartApps by tapping on the blue button to the right of the app (it should turn grey when it’s “disabled”). After you have verified that you are able to add/delete users from SLGA you can “enable” the SmartApps again to continue using them until SmartThings shuts down the platform.
Please keep in mind that if you delete RLA/LUM/LMAPI from your SmartThings mobile app, SmartThings will not allow you to reinstall these apps at this time.

If you have installed our custom device handlers for your locks and other devices SmartThings should automatically transition your custom device handlers to the new SmartThings drivers and you should be able to continue controlling your devices from the SmartThings mobile app. While we are working on custom drivers for the new platform there isn’t a way to migrate the old custom device handler to the new custom drivers at this time. The easiest option would be to let SmartThings to migrate your custom device handler to the new built-in drivers. This will happen automatically and likely without any notice from SmartThings. If you’re having issues with controlling devices from the SmartThings mobile app after Dec 31st, try to “exclude” your affected devices and pair them again with your hub or contact SmartThings support for assistance.

We deeply apologize for the disruption and appreciate your support as we work through these issues with SmartThings. We will reach out to you once the migration has been completed. You can also follow our website for more details and updates on the migration.


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I have 75 bookings over 12 properties. Manually managing this will kill me.

Plenty of people use lockboxes and don’t even bother updating the code between guests. Maybe you could do that for a while.

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One of the users on here, Kris Linquist, created a Hubitat based solution a few months ago and put it on Github.

I’ll wait for a new version of RLA because I don’t feel like messing with Hubitat at this point, but could be an option for anyone who doesn’t want to wait. I will use SLGA in the meantime and just update access codes every couple weeks.


Before RLA I used Eric’s Lock Manager ST app, which he appears to be working on as well: https://community.smartthings.com/t/release-lock-manager/63022/2412

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Looks like Hospitable wrote a direct smart lock app with SmartThings to work around Rboy RLA?


I will try it out and will report back.

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Doesn’t support z-wave tho, unless you have a Vera hub which are terrible

It looks like we’re down. Can anyone else confirm?
(Now the nightmare begins)

I am getting the error message network is not available.

Dan via SmartThings Community <notifications@smartthings.discoursemail.com> ezt írta (időpont: 2023. jan. 11., Sze 19:28):

And then the SmartApp switches itself to OFF status?

Last week SmartThings announced the were going to start shutting down Groovy SmartApps this week. So that sounds logical.

Most indeed! I can togle it, but it would not give functionality back, yet you can not togle it back. Perhaps migration is happening now and things will likely be back soon.

Dan via SmartThings Community <notifications@smartthings.discoursemail.com> ezt írta (időpont: 2023. jan. 11., Sze 19:42):

Ah yes it is disabled via toggle but I can still access the settings etc

RLA is down for me in 3 locations, UK, Ireland and Spain. The app is toggled off and if you try and change any PIN codes it returns Network Error. Damn!

I’ve been using RLA for years on two AirBnB properties, it was brilliant. Now can’t even manually set PIN codes.

All my SmartApps except Smartlighting have been toggled off. LUM settings are accessible but making any changes gives “Network connection error”.

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