[RELEASE] Rental Lock Automater - Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, Booking, Expedia

Hi there, we are working with SmartThings on the migration roadmap. We are providing them feedback on missing functionality in the new API’s; our priority is RLA and LUM followed by other apps and device handlers. You can subscribe to our Facebook page for further updates on the migration.

Now that the end is near, will there be a migration?


Any news Maddie, we don’t want to leave this last minute and then be panicking for a solution.


@benf Based on this news, I just finished moving my Airbnb to Hubitat - and wrote my own little rental lock automator that interfaces with Hubitat via the Maker API.

We have less than 60 days to modify many AirBNB’s and migrate them to a new solution in my mind. As we need to add new locations for locks as we get new AirBNBs.

At this point bi-weekly updates on the product migration would be great, even if on rboyapps website. The FAQs are pretty vague.

I realize that Samsung might have blindsided Rboy, but we need to make some business decisions on our strategy going forward.

The platform shutting down on Dec 31st ( a high turn over date for AirBNB’s also is really bad timing for lock programing).

The migration FAQ on RBoy’s site has been updated. Also, the latest LUM code indicates it’s been updated as “Prep for New Platform”. The update is dated 8/25. So, it appears that RBoy is working on something. Yay!

P.S. I don’t have the rental app, so I can’t check to see if it has had any work done on it.


Latest from the RBOY FAQ on the migration….

  • How long will existing SmartApps keep running?

Installed groovy SmartApps will continue to run until SmartThings shuts down the groovy platform (the date has been extended to Dec 31st).

  • Will I need to re-install my SmartApps on the new platform?

Most likely the SmartApps will need to be re-installed on the new platform.

  • Will existing SmartApps be able to use devices running custom drivers?

At this time groovy SmartApps are still able to work with devices running custom drivers.

  • What happens to existing custom device handlers?

Existing custom groovy device handlers will continue to work until SmartThings shuts down the groovy platform (the date has been extended till Oct 15th). SmartThings will automatically transition most devices over to the default edge drivers and they should continue working. Once custom drivers are available you should be able to switch from the default to the custom drivers remotely.

  • Will I need to pair my devices again with the new platform?

SmartThings will automatically transition most devices over to the default edge drivers and they should continue working. Some devices may need to be re-paired with the hub. Once custom drivers are available you should be able to switch from the default to the custom drivers remotely.

  • Will all the SmartApps and Device Handlers be migrated to the new platform?

Our goal is to migrate as many SmartApps and Device Handlers as possible to the new platform starting with the most popular apps and devices. We are working with SmartThings regarding the migration to the new platfom and are waiting on them to implement the planned/missing features/API’s.

  • NOTES for rental/commercial hosts using RLA/LUM

In preparation of the migration:

  1. Create a few “Permament” backup manual user codes that can be used by guests if the lock device migration process is not seamless.

  2. If your lock shows up as “Thing” after the device migration try to exclude and pair your lock again.

  • What will happen to my licenses?

We are working on migrating existing licenses to the new platform. Once the migration is complete you will receive an email from us with the details and next steps.

  • How long will it take to complete the migration?

Please watch this page for future updates and for details on how to participate in beta releases.

Thank you! It has been scary not knowing what was going to happen, I also lost control of my thermostats I only see their status, but I am unable to regulate them. I have shipped two Hubitat hubs for just in case :sweat_smile: .

Matt N via SmartThings Community <notifications@smartthings.discoursemail.com> ezt írta (időpont: 2022. okt. 18., Ke 1:55):

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My multiple Schlage FE599 locks managed by rental lock manager are now showing “couldn’t get device status” messages in SmartThings. Anyone else seeing this? I think code generation is still working because last signal was only a couple hours ago via check of graph, but what’s everyone else seeing on your ends?

My Yale assure locks seem to be fine.

Hi Maddie, how is the migration going? Has Samsung been helpful in solving some of the issues you raised with them?

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Agree, we run AirBNB’s through Ski Season and we are about to be on Back to Backs for the next 120 days. We need to make sure we have lock control for all of our guest through the busy season and nobody get’s locked out. This might be too close for comfort. How can we help?

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Agreed. With less than two months until RLA stops working it would be great to hear an update, even if it’s that the migration won’t be ready in time.

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Hubitat + my airbnb integration linked above has been working great for my past 6 or 7 guests now…


Hey Maddie, any updates yet?

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Am I correct in assuming that dumping custom device handlers and groovy apps like rental
Lock Automator for the native smart things capabilities would provides a move seamless migration path over the 12/3/22 cutoff date? If I have to manually create codes or use an alternative code management solution until the migration completes I think I am ok with that

It would not provide a more seamless cutover. If you delete the custom DTH and re-add the lock you’re just simply accelerating what will happening in 12/31. Meaning the cutover won’t need to happen for you, since you already will have changed over.

After 12/31 there are no solutions to accomplish what the Lock Automation app does, so you will have no choice but to use native capabilities. RLA ceases to function when Groovy disappears, and Rboyapps has not provided any indication of when or if a replacement will exist.

I think it’s clear at this point, that the people behind Rboy don’t give a damn about the customers. Appalling transparency. Just give us an update…


Yah a I don’t understand why an update isn’t provided even if it’s just that it won’t be migrated over to the new system.

I have got a few updates from Rboy but it doesn’t look good.

#1 - set backup codes ASAP so you can get into your properties
#2 - Samsung doesn’t have all the API features working for their software
#3 - no time line
#4 - no beta information
#5 - no option of a “partial” implementation (fewer features)
#6 - best option they have is to migrate and use the Samsung native app

And when you really think about it, 100% of rboy’s creation will be wiped out and useless. They would have to start from scratch.

This is very painful for us as we have 75+ bookings through April. We are looking at commercial options like Lynx or others. We would easily pay Rboy a couple thousand for a working version on Samsung ASAP with a year subscription.

I am curious if anyone else has done the commercial options like RentlyKeyless, Lynx, RemoteLock, etc that scale and integrate with Hospital or OwnerRez and work.