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I use the VRBO checkin-checkout date for code generation

Enhancing the Channel Managers & Custom Calendars release

Rental Lock Automater (RLA) - Version 04.05.00

  • (New) Support for generating user codes from phone numbers using Channel managers and custom calendar iCalendar reservations. Use custom markers to identify the location of phone numbers. See Channel Managers & Custom Calendars FAQ page for more details.
  • (New) Expanded support for more custom channel managers and custom iCalendars

RLA supports Channel Managers & Custom Calendars integrations for for hundreds of channel managers, custom PMS systems and custom calendars.

Hi, very pleased with the functionality of the RLA. I’m UK-based and it works well with a Yale Keyless Connected lock connected to my Airbnb account.

I’d like to be able to use check-in / check-out rules to switch my Nest thermostat out of / into Eco mode. I have been able to add the thermostat as a device in the SmartThings app, but the RLA smart app doesn’t seem to recognise it. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi there. Unfortunately Nest has restricted their thermostats in SmartThings and does not allow them to be controlled through SmartApps when using the stock integration. If you would like to use Nest thermostats with RLA you can take a look at the MyNext Tstat integration which allows your Nest thermostat to work with SmartApps.

Alternatively you can use any standard ZigBee, Z-Wave thermostat or SmartThings supported WiFi thermostats and they will be able to work with RLA. We highly recommend the GoContol TBZ48L, Honeywell T6 and CT-100 z-wave thermostats for hosts since these have the ability to limit the maximum heating, minimum cooling temperatures and lock the controls remotely to limit what changes guests can make on the physical thermostats. Please refer to this topic for more details on the features available in these thermostats: [RELEASE] Enhanced Z-Wave Plus Thermostat Device Handler - Honeywell, GoControl, CT, Linear, Trane, MCO, Remotec

Thanks for this. I don’t want to change from the Nest at the moment, but I’ve found a workaround by creating a virtual switch to change the state of the Nest which the RLA can control.

@RBoy thanks for making a super powerful app! It’s been a lifesaver.

Having trouble with three things though.

  1. I have a Schlage BE469ZP installed about 4 feet from a Monoprice Buffering Repeater and about 15 feet from my v3 hub. The lock is set up with your Universal Device Handler, Schlage Alarm Manager, and Low Battery Monitor. Everything is working smoothly except it can’t seem to retrieve Guest Name Info from my Airbnb ical. So I just get Reservation HTWMVC or the like. Any ideas what’s going on? For what it’s worth, when I added the ical to my Google calendar I also can’t see guest names. Is it possible that my ical isn’t including them?

  2. Have had a Nest thermostat for some time and was very excited to get it finally linked directly to my hub. All seems set correctly, but RLA can’t recognize that there’s a thermostat connected. Is this a limitation of the thermostat being connected via “connected services”?

  3. I have the lock set to program a cleaner code when guests lock the door with their code. It works well, but I don’t need it to set the code everytime they leave for the day. Just when they actually check out. Would it be possible to set a cleaner code only on checkout days? But not at checkout with the other checkout items because I’d like those guests that check out early to still trigger the cleaner code. Hope I didn’t make that too complex to understand.

Hi there. Yes, that’s correct Airbnb doesn’t include the guest name anymore, they only include reservation numbers which is why it isn’t showing up in your Google calendar or RLA. Please see my post above yours about NEST and SmartThings.

I will pass your feedback to our product team.

IGMS Vacation Rental Management integration with RBoy apps

Setup properties in IGMS.
Setup locks in RLA

To control the door locks:

  • Add an Custom Channel Managers: iCal link outgoing calendar for the IGMS property group that includes all of the AirBnB, VBRO, etc. feeds for the property. You can clip it from the IGMS iCal menu for the property.

  • Extract phone number from reservation = Yes

  • Beginning Marker: \n+(

  • End Marker: \n\nReservation code:

  • Set Automatic code generation with last 4 of phone number

If you want to control the HVAC:
(We drop the heat to 55 and up the AC to 80 when not rented then return to comfortable when rented.)

  • Enable code at 12:30pm & Check in actions: set mode to Home
  • Disable code at 12:pm & Check out actions: set mode to Away
  • We used the Ultimate Mode Change Thermostat Temperature routine to set the Away temps at outer limits and the Home temps at comfort zone on Honeywell Thermostats.
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Anyone else having issues with VRBO calendar’s? I’ve been getting messages all day that its failing to download. However if I copy paste the URL in the app, I get the calendar just fine.

Same here. I started messages earlier today saying error downloading property VRBO calendar??


We will keep an eye on it.

For those running RBOY Apps + SmartThings with VRBO iCal Integration. VRBO upgraded their WebServer TLS stack to only support TLS 1.2 with high grade ciphers.

This causes RBOY apps to fail as the SmartThing SSL client that makes the web call to VRBO does not support TLS 1.2 with ECDHE-ECDSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384 cipher enabled.

All AES-CBC Ciphers seem to be disabled on VRBO.com.

Options right now:

  1. PROXY VRBO.ical through a 3rd party with RBOY apps. (we did this with CRON jobs, and URL-substitute)

  2. Open tickets with SmartThings asking for TLS 1.2 support with ECDHE-ECDSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384.

  3. Leverage a Calendar Consolidation system and then use Custom Calendars in RBOY apps. (i.e. use SmartBNB.io or OwnerRez, etc.

Happy to try to help move things forward with raising a support ticket.

I obviously have the same issue but I don’t understand the technicalities of what’s happened, sorry. Can you suggest the text I should use when I email support, ideally with a bit of context to explain the issue?

Or is “I need TLS 1.2 support with ECDHE-ECDSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384” sufficient?

Right now VRBO put in a FIX. The whole thing though is a ticking time bomb to break again.

Apologies for my ignorance, but fundamentally, is this a problem with Vrbo or SmartThings? Keen to understand.

In order for a SSL Client and SSL Server to communicate, they must agree on encryption.

In order to “better secure” their servers VRBO.com narrowed their encryption options. This is a good thing, unfortunately when the SERVER (VRBO) presented the Encryption options to SmartThings there was an issue. SmartThings didn’t “speak any of the languages” VRBO offered.

In this case VRBO is the Server and SmartThings is acting as the client to pull the calendar.

In a shocking move, VRBO back-stepped and re-enabled the weaker encryption “weaker languages” and they had a matching language and communication started again.

This is a chicken and the egg situation as VRBO want’s to be more secure with their encryption, however not all clients (i.e. SmartThings are keeping pace).

With BIG companies like this and massive infrastructure, it would be hard to get either to take blame.

The good news, VRBO broke enough things to “undo” the mess for now. You should be back to working.

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Many thanks for this, and I am indeed back to working - for now!

Is there somewhere can I find some documentation on how this automator works with iGMS?

You can find the instructions on how to use Custom iCals here: Rental Lock Automater (RLA) Channel Manager Custom Calendar Integration

For IGMS see this post from Gavin above:

Appears to be broken again for VRBO. Did they finally reverse the reverse of their decision to move? I don’t know that I can tell anything from the app to see

It looks like VRBO disabled TLS_DHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA256 again.

Either Samsung needs to enable it, or VRBO expand their supported cipher list.

Until then I am PROXYing it through an intermediate server.

A cronjob fetches the URL once an hour from VRBO on an Apache Linux box
The Apache linux client “wget” supports all ciphers as an SSL/TLS client
The Apache Linux box host the file on the server
Set the SmartThings URL as your PROXY server
Back to normal.