[RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.6c (Botvac Connected Series)

Yeah, I would unfortunately. I’ve only ever seen errors like that once and when I did, that smartapp was rightly and truly hosed. I wouldn’t trust it at all right now.

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Well, deleted everything, reinstall everything, everything ok. In my opinion, smartapp makes a bit of a mess when it finds itself with more than one device, or at least struggles to delete residual data from previous deleted devices. The important thing is to have it fixed, I got my D7 now I want it to last for a while :slight_smile: the D5 lasted 5 years. Who knows if anyone will be able to implement in edge, or other system when groovy is shut down :frowning:


Does this work with their latest robo hoovers? D8/9/10?


I also asked, no one answered, but I did not find anyone on the net who certifies that I have seen it work.

Since I switched from D5 to D7 I had some problems and to solve them I deleted and redid everything from scratch, but since then the morning does not leave alone, or even left twice a day. Can you confirm that the smartapp is set up correctly to work independently every day? I’m not very clear about the beta feature related to midnight.

I’m using the smart schedule to start my D3 when the location mode switches to away. Works good other that the bot always start with the no go lines disabled. Can’t find the Persistent map settings in the smart apps.

In the Device Settings there is a option for “Use Persistent Map”

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Found it! Had no ideas about the device settings option in the ST app. I was only looking one the smart app.


@Alyc100 , @roberto , Can you please confirm that this can work also with:
Neato D8, D9 and D10 new models…

I think no… Ecouse the App Neato for D8 9 and 10 is different. (and not work fine i see in different group)

my D3 stopped working and i had to get a new one. I went with the D9 but i am probably going to return it since it doesn’t integrate with anything but google assistant. Is anyone looking to get it to work with SmartThings it looks like they changed apps as well and none of the old integrations work

I had the same problem with my D5 and for that reason I decided to get a D7. If you see my previous messages here, I understand that this smartapp only works up to the D7 and not with the new models.

It looks like there is an Alexa app now for the new models. I downloaded but you are limited there too. I was going to use Alexa to turn on a virtual switch but I’m also struggling with that. Seems the Alexa app doesn’t have commands I can add only use voice to kick it off

Hello all, so, with 953 posts in this thread, and updates having occurred many times since this began, I’m unclear where to start if I want to get my Neato to work under the ST app. Can someone that’s following this conversation kindly give a reply on how to fresh install this if one has never had a Neato app installed? Thank you kindly!

I recently discovered that my Neato Botvac has 255 duplicate devices in SmartThings. I have completely removed the Smart App and delete the one and only device from the IDE. The device still shows over 200 duplicates. The only way to remove these duplicates is to edit > remove each and every one in the SmartThings app. Support has no idea what to do. This occurred in the last couple of weeks. I was on an old version of this SmartApp - 1.2.6c.

At this time, I do not need my botvac in ST. I merely wanted to see if anyone else has ever seen something like this. Also, maybe someone can help me remove the 200+ devices without clicking on each one in the ST app.

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Hi folks,
Something about integration with iLife robot?