[RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.6c (Botvac Connected Series)

Yeah, I would unfortunately. I’ve only ever seen errors like that once and when I did, that smartapp was rightly and truly hosed. I wouldn’t trust it at all right now.

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Well, deleted everything, reinstall everything, everything ok. In my opinion, smartapp makes a bit of a mess when it finds itself with more than one device, or at least struggles to delete residual data from previous deleted devices. The important thing is to have it fixed, I got my D7 now I want it to last for a while :slight_smile: the D5 lasted 5 years. Who knows if anyone will be able to implement in edge, or other system when groovy is shut down :frowning:


Does this work with their latest robo hoovers? D8/9/10?


I also asked, no one answered, but I did not find anyone on the net who certifies that I have seen it work.

Since I switched from D5 to D7 I had some problems and to solve them I deleted and redid everything from scratch, but since then the morning does not leave alone, or even left twice a day. Can you confirm that the smartapp is set up correctly to work independently every day? I’m not very clear about the beta feature related to midnight.