[RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.6c (Botvac Connected Series)

@Diegocampy, I plan to simply use IFTTT in connection with a virtual switch (you can make one in the SmarttThings app under the “lab” option, or with an Edge “Virtual device maker”). This screenshot shows the actions, unfortunately, there are no triggers (so no way to tell SmartThings any kind of status from Neato).

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Thanks, I had the same thing in mind and I realized that Neato is seen Not as a trigger but only as a performer :unamused:

I’ll end up just using a virtual switch sent to Amazon Alexa and have her switch it on when we all leave the house.

You live in America right? :thinking: You live in America right? :thinking: In Europe is not working on alexa geolocation :pensive:. If I have misunderstood, can you explain to me what you mean? I have alexa, even if I never use it, I installed the skill hoping to see a Device appear as If I have misunderstood, can you explain to me what you mean? I have alexa, even if I never use it, I installed the skill hoping to see a Device appear as a vacuum cleaner, but nothing appeared :thinking:

This move to Edge really messes up the ST platform and so many things can’t be added via other suppliers like Neato or Roborock and so on… My electricity supplier has an API where I get data from and control the house’ use of electricity to lower my costs and that dies as weill soon.
It’s a real pity and I think the platform will loose a lot of users due to this move as many of our wizards here don’t have the time or energy to write everything from the ground up again.

Just remember, when Matter begins it’ll be a proper universal standard that many/most smart device manufacturers will migrate to. Anything that’s already compliant with Smartthings, Homekit, or Google will likely migrate to Matter as well. (:crossed_fingers:)

I made a Virtual button in Smartthings to simulate the vacuum cleaner in Smartthings and be able to automate it.
I created a rule on google home to be able to turn on the vacuum cleaner when the virtual button is activated and this works perfectly, what doesn’t work is turning off the virtual button when the vacuum cleaner is finished. Does anyone have any ideas?

Hmm, this is what I did as well and it’s working fine for me. What exactly isn’t working with your “off” routine?

it’s more my whim :hugs:, I have 4 rules: 2 for on - off from the real Neato device on the GH that turn on or off the virtual ST device, and 2 routines for when to turn the virtual button on or off and make the real one turn on or off .

This one is useful for automations on ST and it works well

QThis instead would be used to turn off the virtual device and have it clearly visible on the Action Tile in the kitchen to know when the vacuum cleaner is working, but it never works

Ah yes, I disabled one, I also set it up similarly but was having trouble with my Neato stopping while cleaning.

I have the following setup in Google Home routines:

Virtual Switch ON then Start Neato Cleaning
Neato Starts then turn on Virtual Switch
Neato Stops turn off Virtual switch

For some reason if I enable “Virtual Switch off then stop Neato” it will constantly pause the cleaning for some reason… I don’t really have any reason to turn off the switch, I just want to see the status of “running” or “off” in Smartthings for various other automations.

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Sorry this automation I think is the same of my:

Right? From my SmartThings not work. (I think because in my app Google home o don’t see OFF until I open Google home and check the real Nestor device. What do you think about? Your routine work fine?

I correct, I have now realized that even if I turn it on from the physical button, the status in the virtual device is not updated, so I think the problems always occur when google has to tell ST what to do, the opposite instead if I turn it on or off from the button virtual, it always works. How strange.

sorry if I ask again, but does this really work for you?

Hi, yup it’s working for me.

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Thank you. For me only when I open the app Google home :man_shrugging:t2:.