[RELEASE] Monoprice/Linear/GoControl WAPIRZ-1 Motion Sensor with Temperature and Battery Device Type (Updated)

Hello @RBoy

I got a few zwave plus devices from monoprice recently. I was looking for a solution to use them with ST but so far I haven’t been so lucky. Would your app/device handler enable mono price sensors (15902, 15270, 15271) to work with ST’s first gen hub? Also, would your annual license expire after a year or is it about app updates/new release?

You timing couldn’t have been better. We will be making an announcement in the coming weeks about a partnership with Monoprice. We are in the final stages of releasing custom device handlers for many of their products including the ones you mentioned above. Keep your eyes peeled :slight_smile:

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Hopefully they will work better than the 3 units I just returned. @RBoy was using your device drivers and the battery level would never go back above 1% after changing batteries and the motion detection was marginal at best. Units I had were the 15902.

Looking forward to it. Would it work with first gen hub as well?


Linear/GoControl WAPIRZ-1 Motion Sensor with Temperature and Battery Device Type - Version 02.03.00

  • Added a setting to allow users to select the Primary sensor to show in the ‘Things’ page (Temperature or Motion)
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We now have an official partnership with Monoprice, for the Monoprice Motion Sensor with Temperature device handler (v1 and v2) check out this thread:

We will continue this thread for the GoControl / Linear Motion Sensor with Temperature Sensor

Linear/GoControl WAPIRZ-1 Motion Sensor with Temperature and Battery Device Type - Version 02.04.03

  • Patch for firmware issue which can cause reporting negative temperature under certain circumstances
  • Improved tile layout for updated SmartThings mobile app
  • Added tamper alerts and improved reporting after initial pairing

I just used your handler thinking itll solve my problem of pairing this motion sensor to the hub. But im still unable to pair it.

I accidentally removed this device without excluding it and now i am unable to pair it back.

I have tried everything ive read including a 1 sec. Tamper switch pres which you and the manual suggests; i have also tried 3 pinhole presses with the same outcome. I have attempted these after excluding, rebooting the hub.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there. If you’ve accidentally removed the device without excluding it first you won’t be able to pair it again without first excluding and resetting it.

See this article on how to put the hub into exclusion mode using the Classic app and then follow the instructions in the first post to exclude the device (keep it close to the hub).

After excluding it reset the device as described in the manual and then proceed to pair it. After pairing use the pin to push the button to force an update it should start working fine.
Not pairing typically means that the exclusion wasn’t successful and you may need to try more than once to exclude it until SmartThings confirms that the device was excluded.

Hope this helps.

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Does this run Local or in the cloud?

hi there,
i just migrated from wink to samsung smartthing v3 hub.
I have 4 of gocontrol wapirz 1 motion sensors but I cannot find in the ST app anything that matches these devices when i go and add a device, the brand is not there. In fact none of Linear, monoprice or gocontrol, nordic are there. Plz help

If you’ve already installed the device handler, you just need to pair the device with the hub.
For Z-Wave and ZigBee device you don’t need to select any brand. Open the new ST app, click on +, Click on Devices and at the bottom click on Scan nearby. Now put the device into pairing mode as explained in the first post and it should find and setup the device for you.

Hi, so I have been using your custom DH for several years now. Works beautifully. But after migrating I’m having a few issues. After 10pm, I have an automation that if no motion is detected for 30 minutes, it will perform “Goodnight”. With the new app, the motion is working just fine. But the automation is not sensing the motionless duration of 30 minutes. So at 10PM it performs “good night” every day. Even if there was motion at 9:58. In that scenario it shouldn’t run good night until 10:28. Any ideas? SmartThings Support won’t help because it uses a DH to function.

The new app automation engine is tricky to setup (and sometimes buggy). I think you’re trying to replicate the “When things quiet down” feature of the Classic app in the new app using the automation. Here is an example of how to replicate that feature in the new app using automations.

Ok, I’ve duplicated your example. I’ll try it tonight.

I noticed my Motion Sensors are greyed out. Have you seen this before?

Just got one of the GoControl, works great with the RBoy handler of course.

Is there really no way to reduce the “reset time” lower than one minute? I’d love a 20 or 30 second reset.

Hey there. That is a hardware limitation of the device itself at this time.

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Linear/GoControl WAPIRZ-1 Motion Sensor with Temperature and Battery Device Type - Version 03.00.00

  • Support for new ST app including dynamic sensor displays on dashboard

IMG_7136 IMG_7137


  • The UI changes can take 24 hours to take effect due to platform caching. One way to force the cache to clear is to change the device handler to a “Z-Wave Device” and then back to this device handler from the IDE, then sign out of the ST mobile app and sign back in.
  • This can take some time after an initial pairing to communicate properly with the mesh. IT also helps to keep the sensor within 20ft of a buffering device/repeater for best performance and reliability.

I just updated the DH, when I try to set it to report Temperature on the new ST dashboard screen it shows a greyed out motion sensor and says “Checking Status…” If I go into the device all data looks good.