[RELEASE] Mode Based Thermostat - Control Multiple Thermostats Temperature / Remote Temperature Sensors when Changing Modes

hmm, try this please. Take the latest code on the server, I’ve added some debug code to it.

Uninstall/delete your smart app from the IDE. Then Create a new app from code and paste the new code.
Then START the LIVE LOGGING before installing the app. Now install the app.
Filter the IDE logging to ONLY the app you just installed.

Please paste those logs or PM them to me directly. thanks

Okay I’ve rewritten the app which now allows more control over thermostats and temperatures and mode, it can do exactly what you had mentioned in your original post above. Each mode and each thermostat separately.

Try out the new code (from scratch please).

Thanks, it works perfectly for setting the temp in all thermostats. Though I’m still getting the null temperature messages in the mode activity log.

The Ultimate Mode Change Thermostat Temperature:
Version 2.0.0
This is the utmost flexible app for configuring thermostats and mode changes.This app can be used to change the temperature of multiple thermostats when the mode is changed.

  • You can configure thermostat temperatures for each mode individually or a group all the modes together
  • You can configure all thermostats to use a common heating/cooling temperature or each thermostat have its own heating/cooling temperatures.

Also fixes some bugs with modes and thermostat settings.

Which app can I use across the above ones if I want to do the following:

  • main heating system controlled by a thermostat with its own schedules (perfectly working within Smartthings)
  • secondary temperature sensor (also controlled by Smartthings) in a garden room where the central heating system is not present
  • power outlet in the same garden room, also controlled by Smartthings, which is connected to an electric heater
  • I’d like to have the temperature in the garden room always controlled by the same temperature settings of the main thermostat / heating system, basically comparing the two temperatures and controlling the power outlet accordingly (switching on/off the electric heater)

You can try to see if this app I’ve written supports your needs.

Ultimate Mode Change Thermostat Temperature
Version 2.1.0
Fixed a bug when using individual modes for individual thermostats not setting the correct temperature.

###Ultimate Mode Change Thermostat Temperature - Version 2.2.0

  • Fixed a bug when selecting only one mode and not enabling configure individual temperatures for each mode
  • Fixed UI and made it simpler

###Ultimate Mode Change Thermostat Temperature - Version 2.3.0

  • Added support to automatically check for SmartApp and Device updates and notify user

After updating the code, open the SmartApp and click Next and then Done for the changes to take effect

I’d love it if you could add some remote sensor functionality into this app, and maybe the ultimate? When Away, I just want to have a single low temp but have input from remote sensors.

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i second this. Remote temp sensors would be awesome. I had a look at the code and its it WAYYYYYY beyond my skill set

So here is something to think about. When doing remote temp sensor the
temperature on the thermostat will be set to extremes (like 90 and 40) and
it will be turned on and off to manage the temperature based on the remote
sensor. This disturbs some people out and we get mails like that’s not what
I set. Are you comfortable with seeing 90 and 40 on the screen?

i’m fine with that. Using the CT100 i rarely look at the the thermostat. and i’d be using the remote sensors for stuff like Night time.


Since the word ‘Change’ is in the name of this app, I guess I maybe should know the answer, but just to be sure…

Does this app monitor and maintain the temps as long as the system is in the configured Mode, or does it only set them when Modes change, and has no knowledge of what happens between Mode changes?

I’m assuming it’s the latter.

Correct it’s the latter. It’s more like a hold mode option in a thermostat. The thermostat sets the programmed temp. If the user changes it manually it won’t change it back and thus implemented a temporary hold. At the next schedule / mode it will update the temperature.

However when using a remote temp sensor (TBD) it will not hold the temp if changed by the user but will revert back to the desired temperature as set in the program.

OK, thanks.
Now, I understand everything else, but what is this?..

[quote=“RBoy, post:30, topic:6652, full:true”]
…remote temp sensor (TBD)…[/quote]

The next version of the app will allow the SmartApp to use a Remote Temperature sensor to manage the thermostats (instead of using the local built in temperature sensor), this is on request from users (see above). The other Rboy thermostat apps already have this feature built into them.

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###Ultimate Mode Change Thermostat Temperature - Version 02.04.00

  • Added support for multiple remote temperature sensors per thermostat
  • Added support for temporary hold mode (i.e. SmartApp wont’ change temperature if manually changed by user until the next mode change)

After updating the code, open the SmartApp and click Next and then Done for the changes to take effect

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###Ultimate Mode Change Thermostat Temperature - Version 02.04.01

  • Bugfix for temporary hold mode when using remote temperature sensors
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I’d like to have the ability to enable/disable this app.

I have several other apps that have this sort of thing built in. It’s basically an option that can be linked to a switch, and I usually use a virtual (Simulated) switch for this purpose.

Any chance you’d be willing to add something like that to this SmartApp?