[RELEASE] Luxor ZD/ZDC Controller Landscape Lighting Controller

Hi all,

Wanted to announce my SmartApp that supports the Luxor ZD (zoning dimming) and Luxor ZDC (zoning, dimming and color) exterior landscape lighting controller.

The SmartApp talks to the controller and will automatically create devices for the controller itself, all Light Groups, and any Themes that are present.

Code can be found at tagyoureit/Smartthings_Luxor.



Hi ! This was working so well! Then with the migration / sunset of the classic app i have lost functionality. I have deleted and added code again to assure i had most recent. In the new app I can no longer IP addy and have lost devices. Is it possible that this will will be able to be operational in the new app?

I’m in the same boat and this isn’t my only app that is/was affected on the platform. I still have SmartThings but mostly moved to Hubitat. I’ll try to find some time to migrate this over but have a bunch of other items higher on the priority list.