[RELEASE] Improved ZLL Dimmer Bulb for Philips Hue White A19 (w/ Level Transitions)

Custom device type for Philips Hue White (no color) A19 w/ Dimmer level transitions.

(and will probably work with similar White ZZL Dimmer Bulbs, though I haven’t tried)

So I searched all over for a custom device type (and still think I may have missed it) for a Philips 465443 Hue White A19 Light Bulb as seen here:


I have found two existing options…the ZZL Dimmer Bulb type provided by Samsung/SmartThings. It works, but is pretty rudimentary.

Then there is this device type by @Sticks18:
[Enhanced Zigbee Hue Bulb - Direct Connect to ST]
(Enhanced Zigbee Hue Bulb - Direct Connect to ST)

It also works, but is actually intended for the RGBW bulb and so has lots of unnecessary functionality for color… Which brings me to this device type that I hacked together using the ZZL Dimmer Bulb template, with the Level transition code from @Sticks18 - thanks!


It seems to be working well with the limited testing I’ve done so far, so if you guys would like, take a look and give me any tips and suggestions you may have.

And please, do enjoy!

EDITED - Forgot to add the link to the device handler code.

Thanks, just found this, going to play around w/it a little.

Thank You! I have been having issues with my white hue light recently (app not turning them on or off). I hope this fixes my issues!

Can you clarify what this DH does that the ST default DH does not? I’m not quite clear and I don’t see any new options in the settings.

Just wanted to say thank you! This is probably the best handler for direct connections to Hue White Bulbs!