[RELEASE] HomeSeer Indicator Light Sensor HS-FS100-L

Is this still working under the new app?

Yes, it was written for the new mobile app.

SmartThings now supports custom capabilities in automations so you can probably use the indicator light attribute to trigger automations instead of having to use the button workaround mentioned above.

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Is anybody working on an Edge driver for this?

HomeSeer discontinued the product so I doubt they’ll be providing one and I’m not using this device with SmartThings at the moment. I’m considering moving it back to ST and if I do then I’ll write a driver, but that won’t be for at least a couple of months…


Are you or anyone planning on working on the water sensor version of this device?

Check here for a specific driver for the LS100+ leak/water sensor. The LS100+ will join using the stock Edge Zwave Water Sensor (available in the Beta Edge drivers) but all the custom parameters are not available with that option.

When I checked HomeSeer’s website the HS-FS100-L is still for sale. But I did contact them and they stated that they are working on official Edge drive for this and their other products. They added me to a list to include me on updates. So when I hear back I will post here.

So this means, If I wait, I will get the default driver, but will probably want to upgrade to the one you are developing, or will the transition be smart enough to find the right driver?

We’re not exactly sure how The Big Transition will work if you have multiple Edge drivers available with the same matching fingerprint. Nor if there is a priority of a “community” edge driver over a “stock” one. At worst if there are multiple highest level of match, it would randomly pick one.

But if the match is bad, I can search for the good one and load without removing my device?

Not sure. I’m setting my world up so that it finds some edge driver match for all my devices. even if its not the right one, I know I can switch drivers later. But as to the detailed specifics of the transition process, some aspects are murky.

I won’t be converting the HomeSeer Indicator Light Sensor DTH into an Edge Driver so the device might stop working once the Groovy platform is retired.

Homeseer still sells this (the FS100+ flex sensor at least), however without Device Handlers you can’t really manage it. Since Groovy is retired, anyone know when the new world will appear and this will work? So confused.

It would help to know for sure if this will be obsolete or not. My understanding is that they are liquidating the last of the lighting ones, but I do think they stopped making them.

You may already know this, but to be clear, Note that the “OBSOLETE” in the thread title applies only to the Groovy DTH, not the device itself.

To find out if the device itself is being discontinued, you need to check with the manufacturer.

I hope this particular device will still be made: it’s very useful for some specific use cases. :thinking:

Yes, my reference was to the device, not the driver. Any yes, when I inquired, the manufacturer indicated they no longer were manufacturing them. I guess in this case, both the device and soon the driver will become obsolete at least for ST. I found this device to fill a nice niche that competing products did not fulfill.

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HomeSeer confirmed a while ago that they’ve stopped making them, but they still had/have a lot of inventory which is why they’re still being sold…

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Mine stopped some time since the weekend (the last time I used the dryer before today). I was only using it to trigger a NotifyMe notification on our Echos that the dryer cycle had ended, so with the Groovy SmartApps ending this week, that’s obsolete as well. I guess this is one more device that will migrate over to the other hub and get me learning about its UI and features…

Thanks for all your help with this in the past, I’ll see you over there!

My water sensors using this same device have not moved and still run fine, although based upon what I’m hearing, their days are numbered…

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