Washer and dryer notification

I want to use the washer and dryer lights to send notification when they are done. I can’t find any lights sensor that works with ST. Any recommendation?

Have you looked at this?

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@Jason_Brown is there any device handler for the sensor?

Here you go.


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I’m using this device to monitor my washer and dryer and it works great. The only issue I ran into was that the sun shines directly on those machines in the afternoon and it was setting off the sensors, but putting a piece of electrical tape over them solved that problem.

Here’s the forum topic for the sensor:

Washers are super easy by just using power monitors. Depending on if your dryer is gas or electric, monitoring power can be done on the plug or the breaker.

I created this Piston a while back in CoRE but also easily done in webCoRE.

@krlaframboise Did you use Webcore with the HomeSeer HS-FS100-L? I can’t figure out how I can add the device in Webcore. There is no category for lights sensor.

Are you using my device handler?

If so, set the “Attached Sensor Type” setting to “Light” and then select the device as a button.

These are the button events it generates:

  • Button 1: Light Not Detected
  • Button 2: Light Detected
  • Button 3: Color Change Detected
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@krlaframboise I am using the device handler from homeseer. I found a parameter called Status in the device handler. I just look at this parameter if is “No Light” or “light”. This works for me.

I wrote their official handler so it’s the same one that I posted to the forum.

Users that aren’t using WebCoRE can select it as a button in Speaker Companion, Notify Me When and/or Routines and use the button pushed events mentioned above to trigger their alerts.

@krlaframboise Sometimes the status is blocked on Color Change for 5 minutes, before showing Light or no Light

It’s not “blocked” by the handler, the device doesn’t report light/no light instantly when it’s powered by batteries.

It seems like the device has some sort of internal polling for the light and water sensors when powered by batteries, but I’m not sure what that interval is.

That being said, 1-2 minutes late is somewhat common, but I’ve never seen it take 5 minutes…

I am powering with a usb cable. Not sure why it’s taking so much time to update the status

Did you join it as a powered device or usb device? I think the battery tile shows a usb plug if it was joined as a powered device, but the way to know for sure is to check the device’s Raw Description in the IDE.

If “84” is in the “cc:” list or “sec:” list then it was joined as a battery device.

I have two HomeSeer. One showed usb Battery and the second showing 100% battery (even charging with usb cable). I think the power is not enough.

The device is either joined as a powered device or battery device and I’m not sure if you can tell which way by looking at the battery tile so check the raw description like I mentioned above.

If they have that command class then you need to remove and rejoin them.

When it’s joined as a powered device it reports faster, but I’m not sure if it will be instant…

@krlaframboise Do you know why every time the status is “Light”, next status goes “Color Change”? Is it possible to remove “color change” from status?

It looks like it’s only doing it half the time, but that’s still weird. Is it possible your LED transitions on/off instead of changing instantly?

@krlaframboise Is it possible to remove “Color Change” from the DH?

Change line 416 to:

// sendLightEvents("Color Change", 3)

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