[RELEASE] Homebridge SmartThings v2.0

I assume this app needs to re-rewritten due to not grabbing the scenes on the new SmartThings app.

Any chance to see Samsungs Robot vacuum support added to homekit to control via switches?

love your work BTW

I have followed the setup procedure on GitHub, and my devices still are not showing up in Home Bridge.

Here is what I am seeing in the logs.

[10/18/2020, 1:07:19 pm] [SmartThings-v2] ERROR: getDevices Error: [object Object] | Message: Request failed with status code 403
[10/18/2020, 1:07:19 pm] [SmartThings-v2] ALERT: Total Initialization Time: (0 seconds)
[10/18/2020, 1:07:19 pm] [SmartThings-v2] NOTICE: Unknown Capabilities:
[10/18/2020, 1:07:19 pm] [SmartThings-v2] INFO: SmartThings DeviceCache Size: (0)
[10/18/2020, 1:07:19 pm] [SmartThings-v2] INFO: WebServer Initiated…
[10/18/2020, 1:07:19 pm] [SmartThings-v2] INFO: Sending StartDirect Request to SmartThings | SendToLocalHub: (false)
[10/18/2020, 1:07:19 pm] [SmartThings-v2] INFO: Direct Connect Active | Listening at
[10/18/2020, 1:07:19 pm] [SmartThings-v2] ERROR: sendStartDirect Error: [object Object] | Message: Request failed with status code 403
[10/18/2020, 1:07:20 pm] [SmartThings-v2] INFO: INFO: Your plugin version is up-to-date
[10/18/2020, 1:07:20 pm] [SmartThings-v2] NOTICE: Sending Plugin Status to SmartThings | UpdateAvailable: false | newVersion: 2.3.4
[10/18/2020, 1:07:20 pm] [SmartThings-v2] ERROR: sendUpdateStatus Error: [object Object] | Message: Request failed with status code 403

Am I missing something obvious here?


Hi Friends,

I recently installed Homebridge on an older 2011 Mac mini running MacOS High Sierra, primarily to bridge SmartThings to iOS. The install went fine and I was able to initially load all 134 ST devices to the Home app and can control them as expected; however, when I add new devices in ST, Home app won’t discover them. They show up in Homebridge, and I can control them there, but they never are discovered by the home App. I’ve tried pre-entering the HomeKit code, restarting everything, blah blah blah.

Here’s an example of a successful add to Homebridge for a test virtual switch:
GOOD: Devices to Create: (1) [ ‘AAA Test’ ]
INFO: Added Device: (AAA Test | fdf570b6-2290-47da-80a4-3be475d2e96c)

Any help or thoughts on what I’m missing or what might be going on would be much appreciated!


Possibly silly question, but did you go into the Homebridge v2 SmartApp and select the new devices to show up in Homebridge after you added the to SmartThings?

[Edit] Apologies- you did say the devices show it in Homebridge, so they must be selected. I’ve only had one instance of a Homebridge device not showing up in the HomeKit app, and it oddly ended up being caused by having the wrong DH for the device (a multi-button keypad) back in SmartThings.

Thanks for the suggestion. I checked the DH and it’s the same as other virtual switches that are working. (And, correct, the device is allowed in the smart app.)

The current documentation is wrong. There isn’t anything called “View Configuration Data for Homebridge” in the HomebridgeV2 SmartApp. However, you can still find the URL and Oauth token on the SmartThings Dev website.

You can also find the information you need in the ST Classic SmartApp under “Plugin Options & Review.” Then you need to click on “Render the platform data for Homebridge config.json”

You have to input all of that data into your Homebridge config json file, or install the plugin though homebridge-config-ui-x and just add the URL and your Oauth information. I recommend the latter.

I was able to get the plugin to work, but for some reason it is showing an Alarm System, Smart Plug, and a couple of other devices I don’t have in the iOS Home app. I only added my 3 light bulbs, the only things I own, though the Homebridge Smart App and didn’t touch anything else.

Edit: I was able to get the 3 light bulbs to appear and they’re working perfectly. However, I’m still stuck with an Alarm System I don’t have. Does anyone else have this issue? The only 3 items I selected in the Homebridge SmartApp are the three bulbs.

Completed the install and everything was successful…until I added my Apple TV as a Home Hub. That is the only thing I changed. It all worked and now it doesn’t. All accessories are “Unavailable” and at the top of the Home app it says “No Remote Access”. Get the same result on my iPad. I’ve restarted the Homebridge server. I really don’t want to start over!

Don’t reinstall… I’ve seen it happen many times. Reboot the AppleTV.

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Thank you but I rebooted the AppleTV and no change!

Do you have an iPad or HomePod set as a Home Hub?

Something is locking your Homekit DB.

I would try the following:

Restart iPads/Homepods, iPhones that have accessed HomeKit DB and if that doesn’t work then remove your AppleTV as a home hub and see if your devices begin working.

I do know that this is an issue with HomeKit itself and adding a lot of devices at once.

If that doesn’t work you may need to reset homebridge and re-add it.

Thanks, again! I do have an iPad Pro. Unfortunately, rebooting the iPad didn’t do anything either! I don’t have that many devices. I will reinstall! Thank you for trying to help!

Sorry to bother again: what is the trick to remote access to the Home app? I was just away from my house and I had no access to the devices. Do I need to open ports? If so, which ones?

Anyone having issues with Homekit recently? Over the past 2-3 weeks I’ve noticed that device states in Homekit are not updating properly even though device control is working. For example, it will say a light is On even though it’s actually off. Another example is that if a light is On, and I turn it Off from Homekit, the status will change to Off and then back to On a few seconds later even though the actual light just turns off. This is for almost all devices and not just lights - those were just a few examples.

Everything was working rock solid for the past 3-4 months prior to the last couple of weeks. So I’m not sure what has changed. I’m on iOS 14.2 and all AppleTVs in the house are on the latest version of tvOS as well. Anyone have any ideas or anyone having the same issues lately?

@tonesto7 ?

No complaints at all from me. This may be specific to your setup. I have not seen any updates to the plugin or Smartapp for a while mow. I am on 14.2 and use an Apple TV for remote access.

I was actually thinking that Homebridge has become a lot more reliable then Smartthings over the past couple of months. I usually use the Home interface for device control rather than the Smartthings app.

Same here. Seems faster too.

Hi! New to Homebridge. I’m having a hard time finding the basic setup concept here in the new ST app world. Can someone point me at a recent version of the setup steps, preferably something that flows all the way to “how do I get devices to show up in the Apple Home app?”


Hmmm…nothing in my setup has changed and everything was rock solid and like you said faster than the SmartThings app the previous 3 months. I was also using HomeKit exclusively since it was so much faster than the SmartThings app. Any other ideas?

Did you add any new devices?
Did you change your wifi network?
Do you have another device connected to the same home that you can use to check?
What device do you run Homebridge on (e.g. raspberry pi)?

I have over 100 devices with multiple plugins and the refresh usually takes around 2 sec.

I’ve seen this behavior randomly across the board for plugins.
It’s not specific to my plugin. I think it has to do with the home app itself. I have been able to find anything to pinpoint a cause