[RELEASE] Enhanced Z-Wave Plus Thermostat Device Handler - Honeywell, GoControl, CT, Linear, Trane, MCO, Remotec

If you’re aren’t seeing this in line 244, you aren’t using this DH (or atleast the latest version).

[value: 44, color: “#1e9cbb”],

And if you’re seeing unsubscribe then you aren’t editing a device handler either, it’s a SmartApp.

ok. my bad…
I’ve copied smart app code to the device handler.
but I remember that api was rejecting this. I didnt understand why it didnt reject…

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So I’ve got a CT30. When I click Configure, it doesn’t seem to do anything. Is it not supported on my thermostat?

It won’t do anything from a user point of view. It’s only helps reconfigure and reassociate the device.

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Is it possible with this device handler to tell my CT30 to just run its schedule through CORE?

edit: To expand on this, I’m setting Cool to very high when I leave, but want it to start running its normal scheduled temp when I get home.

Yes you can do that through CoRE but have you seen this SmartApp which is designed just for that purpose:

I’m seeing the clock getting updated every 15 minutes, looks like the clock set age is not being reset on each refresh / update? I’m on DH version 02.05.03.

That’s because some app or rule is forcing your Thermostat to do force refresh, which resets the age. See the first line of your log

INFO Requesting a refresh

I used to have pollster refreshing the thermostat, but I checked and that hasn’t been enabled in a long time. I don’t see anything else that is set to refresh it on a timer. But still, shouldn’t the Clock set age value be reset to 0 when the clock is set? Seems like it’s always showing 1440.00xx minutes in that, and the battery check time values.

No it’s the reverse, it’s reset to 0 and then updated every 1440 minutes. However if an app force an update/refresh then it sets it expired (1440) which causes it to set the clock.
Bottom line, some app is forcing a refresh on your device which is causing it to set the clock.

Any ideas on tracking down what might be triggering the refrresh?

Edit: Looks like it’s The Google Assistant triggering the refresh. I will try removing the thermostat from google assistant integration and see if that stops the all-too-frequent refreshes.

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Mine shows as inactive in IDE. Noticed this when Google Assistant said the Thermostat is offline. Shows on, on the physical thermostat.

How do I change it to “active?”

That means the device has not been communicating with the hub for a while. This is normal in most cases, if you don’t use a device for a few hours it can show as inactive. Just change some settings to force it to communicate with the hub and it’ll show as active. If you can’t change the settings with thermostat then your hub may have lost communication with the thermostat. In such a case hit the reset button the thermostat or you may have to exclude and re pair your thermostat depending up on the condition of your hub/thermostat pairing.

the webgui shows it online, so it’s paired. Resetting is an absolute last resort on my CT50 as you are probably aware they are a bitch to set back up.

found it. Had to set the IP, port and interval ST thermo settings. Seems to be connected now. Shows active in IDE

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I was hoping to be able to turn the fan back to auto after 15 minutes using Core. However, my CT30 doesn’t seem to be reporting the fan state as soon as it changes. Am I doing something wrong?

No you aren’t doing anything wrong, try this. Reboot the hub and do a z-wave repair. If your thermostat is too far from the hub (considering wall reflections and objects) it could be causing issues, you may need to put an active/line voltage Z-Wave device (repeater) between the thermostat and the hub if your Thermostat isn’t already on a C wire (and it needs to paired to the hub while on the active powered C-Wire, you can’t add the C-Wire afterwards, it’ll still work in passive mode).

Also try this, hit the reset button on the thermostat once for about 1 second.

Hi @RBoy,

I’m using your handler with my CT-100. Works very well and I’m pleased with it. I do have a question though. Although it runs perfectly and I can control everything - including the fan, when the fan turns on automatically as part of the heating cycle (or probably the cooling cycle too), the handler never shows the fan as anything but idle. If I turn the fan on manually, it shows the fan as running just fine. Comments?


So I rebooted and repaired, that didn’t seem to help. The thermostat had the C wire connected before pairing, and is sitting next to a switch that is a repeater. Everything else seems to work fine other than the fan reporting. Any other ideas?

Lee the fan doesn’t show up as ‘on’ in the Fan Tile as that’s the way the thermostat and specifications are designed. The Auto or On Tile shows the settings and not the current state. The current state is shown in the summary tile at the bottom left but the thermostat itself doesn’t report when the fan is on or off when in auto mode. That would be a bug in the firmware implementation of the CT series.