[RELEASE] Elgato Key Light Device Handler

Device handler for the Elgato Key Light and Key Light Air.

Requires lights with a fixed IP address (configured via device preference). Bonjour auto-discovery is not implemented.



It works! 2 questions…

  1. How do I make a “fixed IP” for the light…?

I have Orbi as router.

  1. Any way to make this able to change the color temp? It lets me control brightness, but not color temp (elgato control center lets you control both brightness and color temp: cool/warm).

This should help with your router question https://www.google.com/search?q=netgear+reserve+ip

Controlling color temp would be possible, I just didn’t need it beyond having it set correctly once. If you want to give it a try coding-wise, the source code I released has a pointer to the reverse-engineering prior-art which does include a color-temp feature.

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Wish I knew how to code. Thx for the upload tho!