[Edge Driver] Elgato Key Light, Key Light Air, Key Light Mini, Ring Light with Discovery

Created a new Edge LAN Driver with discovery (bonjour/mDNS) for the Elgato Key Light, Key Light Air, Key Light Mini and Ring Light.


  • Auto Discovery
  • Switch
  • Switch Level
  • Temperature Control
  • Identification
  • Refresh

Enrol this channel and get going with your Elgato lighting products.


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Search for a volunteer how has an Elgato Light Strip and would like to help extend this driver to support the Light Strip?

Thanks in advance!

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I’m not able to get this work.
I’ve added the driver but the Smartthings App doesn’t find my Key Lights.

Am I missing something?

I have the same issue, I will have a look why the Auto Discovery is not working anymore.

Thank you for you issue report.

@TomberWolf, I have pushed an update that resolves the http timeout error that was causing the driver to not get any response from the Key Light.

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That did it!
All key lights work like a charm. Thanks for the update!

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I don’t understand. Nothing comes up. I had the Keylight Airs added via a Device Handler before. Used the IP address to add them. I have no idea how to get them in SmartThings now that I’ve installed the Edge Drivers. What do I choose to add it? Can someone give step by step instructions? I’ll keep looking around on the internet, but I’m not finding anything.

The driver will do a auto discovery on your network if you click add new device and then click scan for nearby devices. Your hub needs to be on the same network as the Key Light.

Both on the same network. Do I need to reset the Key Light? They’re already paired with Control Center on the PC. But SmartThings is not finding any new devices when I tap scan. I guess how do I set the key light to be ready to connect?

No, you dont have to reset or put them in pair mode… after connecting them to your network, and you press scan, they should appear in the smatthings app.

I have just removed and scanned for my Key Light and this works for me.

Could you give me some more insides in your network and setup, if you can also send me a screenshot of the drivers installed on your hub… send me a private message.

I messaged you. Looking forward to hearing back.

I’m interested in modifying your driver to support Govee products.
Govee’s API isn’t complicated but I don’t have experience with edge drivers.

I have some elgato lights and this works great so I’d like to modify it / create a new driver for Govee.
Would you be willing to share the source code?

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Hi @Steve_S,

Good to hear that your Elgato Key Lights are working with the driver!

I did some quick research on the Govee product and see that they are cloud controlled… that means that the implementation I use for the Key Lights (Lan Driver) will not work for the Govee products. But this is just my initial search and read of the documentation.

If you want, I’m happy to work with you on creating the integration with the Govee products.

Let me know if you need any further assistants.

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I have an Elgato Key Light, and I’m not able to make this work. Any help would be appreciated

Hi @krystosterone,

Could you please provid me with some details?

Key Light; type, software version?

Look if this product is accessible from the network that your hub is on?

And last, can you tell me what version of the driver you have installed on your hub?

Hope to hear soon from you!

Ps, you can DM me this information.

Hrm, I installed the Edge driver and ran this, and found one of my Key Light Airs, but not the other one. They’re both connected via the same network, and I can see both of them set up with different IPs on the same network. Any ideas on how I can add the second device?

EDIT: Nevermind, I tried scanning a few more times and it showed up. Working well here!

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Hello @k.v.riel - I am having trouble with discovery after installing your Elgato driver. I am running the latest ST app on iOS (v1.6.94), my hub is on firmware 45.00011 and my Elgato Key Lights are on 1.0.3 (218). The lights and hub are on the same network, although the hub is physically connected and the lights are on wifi clearly.

I had the Elgato lights installed with the custom DTH by cramforce but deleted the devices out of the IDE entirely.

Any tips welcome. Thanks in advance!

Hi @matalla,

Thank you for using the Elgato Key Light Edge Driver.

Have you tried to reset your Key Light and discover it again? We have seen that this step, till now, will always slove the issue.

If not, please let me know and I will try to fix the probleem.

Hi @k.v.riel - Thank you for doing the hard work of publishing the driver. :slight_smile:

I did a reset of two key lights, re-provisioned them to my network using the MacOS network device setup process, have them back in the Elgato Control Center but Smartthings (connected to the same network) still doesn’t discover them in the “scan nearby” process.

@k.v.riel - Okay, so I guess the lights just aren’t into Wednesdays. Woke up Thursday morning and tried discovery again and the two lights showed up. All is working great now! Thanks, again!

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