[RELEASE] Door Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors

I have a Nest Hello doorbell. I know Nest is making it tough on 3-rd party developers to be able to do anything. So the answer will probably be no, but I just thought I would ask anyway.

Is there a way to use the Nest Hello button/notifications as an input to this app, or to Smartthings in general?
It could either come from the button press, or from the Google notification. Is there a way to intercept this maybe? Right now my Nest Hello is connected to my Google Home Mini, and plays an audio notification “Someone is at the Front Door” when someone presses the doorbell.
Would it be possible to intercept this and either send a SMS, or play an audio notification on Sonos, etc… ?

I wish Google was releasing the Nest Hello API, this would make things a lot easier

I currently use the “acceleration” of a smartthings multisensor to check a mailbox being opened (vibration). I don’t see a trigger for that type of device when setting up a sensor trigger. Am I just missing it or is it not supported?


I thought I already asked this but not seeing it in my posts… What exactly is the “Silent Notification” option?

That means it will log the message in the Notifications tab without sending you a push notification.

Not fully understanding the repeat notifications feature, and haven’t had time to play around or test. Since the repeat notification is set as an “every x min” when does it expire?

If I have a rule to say “The front door has opened” when my contact opens, does this message just keep repeating? I’m understanding the contact opening to be a trigger and not a state/status monitoring situation (which would be great bc I used to have webcore for that).

If monitoring the state of a contact sensor is an option to add as a feature, can we allow for repeat notifications in seconds as well?

It stops the notifications when the sensor state changes if repeat notifications are enabled.

Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors - version 01.04.01

  • Added support for Acceleration, Water, Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Smoke sensors

Hi. Just checking if “acceleration” from a multi-sensor will ever be programmed up as a trigger?

Thanks. Great app by the way.



Added in v01.04.01

Is this pretty much the same as big talker?

Does this work with scenes or automatons?

Feature request:

Can we have the option to return volume to previous state after making an announcement? I know this is easy in webcore but I prefer your smartapp over that. I’ve got door opening announcements going on but when I’m playing music, it lowers the volume to me preferred alert volume.


Hi there. This feature was added in v01.02.01

Is this an option in the app bc I don’t see it. My new echo makes the announcement at the specified volume but doesn’t return back to the higher volume.

Once you select your TTS device in the notification page it will give you the option to set the custom volume for the notification.
If you’re using Echo speaks, also make sure that you’ve updated your DTH to the latest version as @RBoy had submitted a patch to fix a bug related to restoring the original volume in Echo Speaks some time ago to the author.

Yes, I’m completely updated on everything, Rboy and echo speaks. Must still be a bug bc volume does not return to previous state.

I think I may have an idea of what’s going on here. I think this may be isolated to when playing music through one of the multi-room echo groups. I believe that when the notification is sent to the specific device, if it’s a speaker playing as part of a group, it will not return to the previous volume state after announcing a notification.
Not sure if there’s a workaround or maybe this is a limitation with echo speaks or amazon.

Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors - version 01.05.02

  • Added support for the new Sonos LAN audio player, it automatically detects if you’re using a the older TTS player or the new Audio player

Updated last night and now everytime a door is opened or closed I get a notification. I tried silent notification and I tried turning push notifications on (they where off already) and then back off but still get push notifications.

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Thank you for letting us know. It’s been fixed in version 01.05.02