Developers Email

(April Wong) #1

Hello All!

Just wanted to let you guys know, when you subscribe to our newsletter, there’s an option for developers. We’re starting our developers emails again shortly, so if you’d like to know about happenings, and what we’re doing + stories geared towards development, be sure to change your settings to also include the developers list.

Okay! scroll down to the bottom, type in your email, and now it’d prompt you to say which ones to subscribe to. SUCESS! :smile:


(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #2

Link? Where are these settings you speak of?

(April Wong) #3

on the most recent Connections email that was just sent with the 5 products we just integrated : there’s a shoutout for “get developers updates”. click on that callout-link, and click on “Developers updates” .

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #4

So its linked to the email ID from your mailchimp provider. Otherwise you can subscribe off the main website if you don’t already get these.

But since I never subscribed in the first place, I’m sure you harvested my email from the community login or main website registration.

Anyhow, too bad I can’t manage my subscription preferences in my Smartthings profile but have to use another 3rd party to opt in (or out) of a list I don’t remember signing up for…

(April Wong) #5

Yeaaaaaa… I just tried it myself. But even subscribing from the main page doesn’t allow me to be on the developers on an easier route. Figuring that out at this time.

Maybe it was some beta notification? Even though I signed up for the community on my personal account prior to joining ST, I didn’t get any messages until I just signed up to test how easy it was to join the developers email.

Stand By. Regardless, let me know if you’re interested. If you’re a regular on the community forums, it’s still be awesome, as I’ll be releasing info prior to what consumer sees.

(April Wong) #6

Okay! scroll down to the bottom, type in your email, and now it’d prompt you to say which ones to subscribe to. SUCESS! :slight_smile:

(Gary D) #7


(April Wong) #8

strange! I signed up with mine no problem… Wondering if I can try to sign you up? :slight_smile:

(Gary D) #9

With your email?

(April Wong) #10

yep! my personal one worked.

(Gary D) #11

@April, I’m sorry. It’s Friday, it’s been a LONGGG week, and I’m having a bit of fun at your expense. I’ll re-write my question:

With “your email”?

Edit: did I mention the blue moon’s?

(April Wong) #12

hahahaha… OKAY, it’s friday. you officially win a “you broke @aprils brain” tshirt. Wow. I’m dense. :slight_smile: Here. have a beer.

/shakes-fist at Gary. You got me worried for a second there.

(Gary D) #13

oh, a beer badge. That’s not as good as a Blue Moon (or a “I broke smartthings” t-shirt). :beer:

That made me curious: do I get a device type and smart app badge after submitted device/smartapp stuff is accepted, or do I just have to nag for it? :wink:

(Gary D) #14

Does a “like” but no answer mean that I nag? I don’t mind. Speaking of that, what ever happened to the “I broke SmartThings” t-shirt? :wink:

(April Wong) #15

Argh! I liked it to remind my
self to go through and manually do it. Sorry for the delay.