[RELEASE] Airplay and Bluetooth Speakers Working from PC server

This is an extension from Generic Media Renderer app, the goal is to use a PC like server to send the music, tracks and message to yours airplay speakers or bluetooth speakers.

SmartThings can not process and streaming audio to airplay or bluetooth , that why we need a computer to process and streaming the audio, I have use a Foobar2000 program.

The idea is, control Foobar2000 like an DLNA MediaRenderer device and drives the audio output to an airplay or bluetooth speaker.

Foobar2000 (image 1) is an open source windows player, very light and very versatile, you can install one for each speaker you have, I suggest you to install the portable mode, and first, start with just 1 speaker, after all working you can repeat the process to each speaker you have

The program foobar2000 have the ability to send the audio to several outputs, no just an audio card, and is possible to send the audio to airplay speakers or bluetooth speakers or other outpout devices.

to install bluetooth speaker avoid steps 4, 5 and just follow step 6 selecting your paired bluetooth speaker.


1.- Install Foobar2000 download from the page Foobar200 homepage, you can install it as normal program or, as portable version, if you have more than one speaker is better to install as portable version to install several instances.

2.- Install upnp component (image 2) download from componet section , to install the component you must to open foobar2000 an go to, File -> Preferences -> Components and select install button, you must select the component you have downloaded “foo_upnp.fb2k-component” and press Apply, the program will restart to load the component.

3.- the upnp component installs the the media renderer and a media server too (image 3), I suggest to disable the media server in File -> Preferences -> Tools -> UPnP -> Server -> Basic Settings and click Stop Server in Media server Section, in Media renderer section you can change the name, this name will be the default in SmartThing player, if you have multiple speakers is better to change the name to not confuse each player.

4.- Install Airplay component download from Component Page , this component needs to be paid, but you can try 15 days, is the best I have found, once installed you must to go to installation folder, program files -> common files -> Remote Speaker Output and drag the file foo_apx.dll to Foobarr2000 components window File -> Preferences -> Components and press apply button.

5.- In foobar2000 (image 4) go to File -> Preferences -> Playback -> DSP Manager and select Remote Speaker Output and send to Active DSPs area, press apply, select the Remote speaker output and press configure selected to select your airplay speaker.

6.- In foobar2000 (Image 5) go to File -> Preferences -> Playback -> Output and select in device section the “null output” option, to avoid sound in your computer speakers (if you want)

7.- Install Generic MediaRenderer app to add control to SmartThings MediaRenderer Post. Follow instruction from post.


Foobar2000 can be controller by denon app for ios and for android, can be controlled direct in computer, and can looad music from media servers and send the audio to your airplay speakers , you can control volume, play , stop, but next and previous can be controlled if the playlist its from computer, do not work next and previous if you use denon app (explained in generic mediarenderer post)

I suggest to read carefully the first post form generic media renderer, that will avoid many doubts, and you will know how to send music and alerts.

Each time foobar2000 is closed, the MediaRenderer port chaged, the newest version of Generic MediaRenderer updates the port every five minutes, if you cant control your player from SmartThings just after restart the foobar2000 program please wait some minutes to the MediaRenderer Controller updates the port. the idea is to leave foobar2000 running in the server, but if you need to close and open the program , it just will take 5 minutes to update the port.

I hope this post will help you.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

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