High temp Sensor fan control app..?

Hello, I just recently got most of my devices working great with ST. However I was looking for a fan controller that will work with a temperature sensor I got from Monoprice.
I have it in my bedroom, I work nights and sleep during the day, however I do not like to leave the fan on all the time because sometimes I wake up with a sore throat. What I would like to do is have the fan come on when the room reaches a certain temperature and go off when the room cools off. I seen an app like this for when it’s too cold where it will sense the temp and turn on the heater if it drops down to a certain temp but I would like it the other way around. If someone can point me in the right direction on a way to get this one I would greatly appreciate it.


Here is something: Virtual Thermostat Code

Instead of ac, you could put the fan

Thank you for the info, how do I add that code in to ST app?