[RELEASE] 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat Scheduler (Weekday, Weekend) with Remote Temperature Sensor for each Schedule

Thanks @RBoy, this makes more sense in that context. I do recall reading in the docs about ST killing long running processes but I didn’t connect that when looking at those long execution times.

The delay I can live with as this is still < 1 sec but what I am wondering about is the long exec time which could be getting killed off by ST. IMO, this long exec time is probably code execution time and not caused by ST running slow. If it is ST crawling then I would agree that there is nothing we can do to fix that other than open up a case which who knows how long it would take to have addressed, sorry to say - I had one case to delete two phantom devices that took in excess of a month.

Regardless, I’m curious to see if I can figure out where the slowness is coming from. I’m not saying the thermostat app is to blame but rather that something is getting hung up. What about connectivity to the device? In this case it is two ZigBee devices but they both seem pretty responsive normally. Or maybe some coding issues in the DTH. Is there a way I can up the logging on the app to sort of profile it a bit? I’m going to try and force some manual executions of the initialize() to see if it happens repeatedly.

@RBoy, I observed that if I forced the initialize(), it would on average take 2-6s which is fine and well below the observed 30s+. So maybe you’re right (Who, you? Go figure!:thinking:) and it’s nothing happening more than the ST shard is crawling.

However, one thing that occurred to me was that you have some simple intelligence in the app to basically resend the last setting if the previous attempt failed and in this case it seems as though it is failing but it seems the code thinks that it was successful as I don’t see a warning in the logs. It seems like the best solution here would be to improve that success/fail tracking logic and simply resend the commands at the next heartbeat. Obviously having multiple devices complicates it a bit since one could be successful and another fail and if someone happened to put the one that was successful on a temporary hold and so on…but I think tweaking the thermostat app has a better chance of success than hoping ST buys more bandwidth from AWS or whomever.

In the meantime I changed the thermostat schedules to 5 and 35 past the hour to see if that helps.

I came from IRIS and ported my CT100 Thermostat and was wondering if there is a basic smartapp that can basically operate in heat mode and set a wake up and sleep time.
I see the paid app but not sure if I need all the features.

@Rboy, just to close the loop, it seemed that settings the schedules to trigger at 5 and 35 minutes vs 0 and 30 minutes seemed to make this occur way less frequently. In the meantime, I was also wondering if you are considering any enhancements to the “checking if successful” logic when you have multiple thermostats as noted above?

Also, given that we’ve finally started to have an occasional nice day or two it reminded me about the above and was also wondering about these RFEs as well, especially the seasonal hold / shutdown. LMK if a contribution to the beer fund would help, ha ha.

Hello Rboy,
I updated both the scheduler and the handler for my stat. They were a few revs behind.
Recently, I have noticed I can’t have a temp override stick.
For example, nice weather recently and I had the windows open. Temp dropped below SP and heater started. I opened the app and bumped the SP down a few degs. Heater stops then a few minutes later I hear it start. I’ve done this a few times now and even watched the stat change to me override then a few minutes later, it changes back.
Now as I’m sitting here I bumped it a few degrees and started writing this. It’s been long enough that it should have changed back. WTH?? The times I saw it change back, I was home. Now I’m at work and watching through the IDE realtime logs and the phone. I didn’t think I was doing anything with home/away as far as Tstat goes.

Any ideas?
BTW: Your support does rock! I’ve contacted you through email a few times but I’m going to try using the forum to help others that may have the same problems.

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We added a special option for temporary override a few releases ago so that it creates more flexibility (ignore accidental changes or allow for temporary overrides). From an earlier post:

Other things to check:

  • If you’re using remote temp sensors check what the sensors are reporting (since the app averages all the sensors being used, if multiple sensors are used).
  • Check if the thermostat is being controlled by another app (they may interfere with each other), you can verify this by looking at the Recently tab in the Classic app device page and it’ll show which app is sending the command.

Thank you!
I saw that setting but I misinterpreted what it meant. I thought it only applied if I was using an external sensor. I’m only using the sensor on the stat. I flipped that to allow overrides. I should be good now.

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Thanks for this app…it’s great! I’m currently using your mode-based app and want to use this one to schedule my thermostats when I’m in the Home mode. I have two thermostats. Is it possible to add functionality to set different setpoints for each thermostat (similar to what is in the mode-based app)?


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Hi there. You can install the SmartApp twice and select one thermostat in each instance if you want separate schedules for each thermostat. This was done to provide more flexibility given the number of options in this app.

If you want the same schedule for both thermostats, in that case you can select both thermostats in a single installed instance.

Thanks for the reply! Quick follow up question. I have three modes: Home, Away, Night. Taking your advice, I changed the mode-based app only to control Away and Night, and I set the 5-2 app to control Home. However, now when I return home from being away and the mode changes from Away to Home, the thermostat doesn’t change back to Home and waits for the next scheduled change from the 5-2 app. In this case should I still use the mode-based app to control Home in addition to the 5-2 app?

As soon as the mode changes to an operating mode the app will kick in and send a request to the thermostat to set the temperature as per the active schedule at the time of mode change.
I have verified this here and it’s working. If you aren’t seeing the thermostat change setpoints it is likely because the commands are getting lost in your mesh. You can verify this by looking at the Recently tab in your Classic app for your thermostat device and you’ll see the setpoints commands being sent by the app.
This is a common mesh related issue, the best way to improve the mesh and thermostat reliability it to ensure that your thermostat is connected to a c-wire prior to being paired so it works in active repeater mode and even possibly adding a repeater within about 30ft. When the mode changes, there is typically a bunch of commands sent over the mesh and a weak mesh device may not receive the messages.

If you use two or more apps which are set to operate in the same mode they will conflict with each other.

5-2 Day Thermostat with Remote Sensor - Version 03.10.00

  • Added a verification engine to improve reliability when commands are lost due to mesh/connectivity issues
  • Enforce temperature settings unless Temp Hold is enabled to avoid accidental changes
  • Improved compatibility with more thermostats including Trane, Centralite etc when using remote sensors
  • Heat and cool settings are now optional, if not specified it will skip any adjustments for that schedule
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I think I might have made this RFE some time ago but I was just wondering if it would be possible to have separate open/close sensors for each thermostat similar to the way you have the option to have separate remote temp sensors for each thermostat?

Of course you could have separate instances of the app for each thermostat but it’s just so much better to be able to manage all thermostats from a single pane of glass as it were.

A great new feature for a future release would be to allow multiple thermostats to be selected and controlled independently in a single install instance of the app.

This will allow people (like me) who have multiple TRVs (8) installed, each of which have a capability to fire the boiler on their own (heat on demand) and therefore act as if they are just another thermostat connected to the same boiler.

I am still using my manufacturers scheduling app (Hive) but am seriously considering swapping over to this one, it is winter here in the UK so I might wait until the real cold weather is over before risking messing with it. Last thing I want is the wife on my case because I’ve “broke” the heating :exploding_head:

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I have 4 CT-101s from Radio Thermostat, 3 heat and 1 AC, All running rboyapps code. Just noticed that some of them have a difference model number. It is a mixed bag of models …-00FD and …000C. Is there a difference in the way the 2 models work.

Also one of the four show sharedTile1:full, while all other sharedTime1: disabled in device settings. Can’t find anything on the meaning SharedTile1 . Any insight would be appreciated.

5-2 Day Thermostat with Remote Sensor - Version 03.10.04

  • Fix for global remote temperature sensor not being used
  • Minor improvements to reset temporary hold
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Trying this app out for a few of my thermostats that I don’t want controlled by modes. I’m finding my thermostats are often set to 12 degrees. My assumption is this is because of the doors/windows open setting, but the problem is that it doesn’t seem to always bounce back. It’s 12:01am and my thermostat has now been set to 12 degrees for 20 minutes, but the door was only open long enough for me to walk through it.

Would it be possible to implement a threshold so the door/window would be open for X # of minutes before it shuts off the thermostats?

Thermostat - Dining Room thermostatSetpoint states

Date Name Value Units
2020-01-21 11:42 PM AST - 10 minutes ago thermostatSetpoint 12.0
2020-01-21 9:05 PM AST - 3 hours ago thermostatSetpoint 18.0
2020-01-21 9:03 PM AST - 3 hours ago thermostatSetpoint 12.0
2020-01-21 8:55 PM AST - 3 hours ago thermostatSetpoint 18.0
2020-01-21 8:46 PM AST - 3 hours ago thermostatSetpoint 12.0
2020-01-21 8:02 PM AST - 4 hours ago thermostatSetpoint 18.0
2020-01-21 5:56 PM AST - 6 hours ago thermostatSetpoint 19.0
2020-01-21 5:56 PM AST - 6 hours ago thermostatSetpoint 12.0
2020-01-21 5:30 PM AST - 6 hours ago thermostatSetpoint 19.0
2020-01-21 5:30 PM AST - 6 hours ago thermostatSetpoint 12.0
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Hi there. I’ve added this to our feature request queue.

Hi there,

I use several Danfoss LC-13 Thermostats, but I’m not able to get them to work with this smartapp.
They do not appear under “Choose thermostats” when I set up the smartapp.

When I change the regular device type from “Danfoss LC13 Thermostat” to “Z-Wave Thermostat” in the Groovy IDE, it works. But then I have limited features with the thermostat itself, i.g. the room temperature isn’t displayed.

Any ideas?


Looks like the device handler you’ve using doesn’t implement the capability.thermostat which is why SmartThings won’t allow you to select it in the app. You would need to contact the author (or SmartThings support if it’s a stock DTH) to implement the thermostat capability for it to work with Thermostat smartapps.

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