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[RELEASE] 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat Scheduler (Weekday, Weekend) with Remote Temperature Sensor for each Schedule


(Head of Support ( #263

Hey there, to answer your questions:

  1. It shouldn’t make any difference
  2. Yes and unfortunately yes, it’s best to start clean
  3. The temporary hold feature when enabled stops the app for overriding the user defined temperature for a duration of the current schedule. What you’re looking for as I understand is a permanent hold, i.e. hold until I say resume. Here is how you can do this, open the app, unselect the thermostat for which you want a permanent hold and tap Save. We didn’t add a separate button for permanent hold due to limited screen space. This way it’s very flexible, you can still have some thermostats running on schedule while others are on permanent hold.

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(ilker Aktuna) #264

@maddie , @RBoy
do you have plans to release thermostat scheduler for Hubitat Elevation hub ?

(ilker Aktuna) #265

I was mistaken. mine is a CT100 plus.
So it should be similar to yours but I can only change “sound” option in the settings menu.
And when I disable it, keytones are disabled. The other information tone continues.
any ideas ?
maybe I should hard reset it.


I think CT100+ should be pretty close to CT101. I think the major difference between the two is that + is a zwave plus as oppose to zwave and 7 day programmable as oppose to 5-2. I have no sound from system at all even when I enable the “note” which I am fine with. Give it a shot with the hard reset I would say. What do you have to lose other than re-entering some setting. Iyi sanslar.

(ilker Aktuna) #267

tried the hard reset. it actually solved the issue.
the disturbing beep was gone for about 10-12 hours.
but then my ISP had a cutout and ST hub went offline.
after it came back, the beep started again.
now I have to hard reset again I guess. It’s not so easy. Especially when I have about 8 smart apps connected to the device. I have to delete the device from each and then re-add.

( - Make your home your butler!) #268

Try using the reset button. It doesn’t do a hard reset and tapping the refresh tile will resend all the settings back to it.


Just to get it right, are you hard resetting the hub or the CT100+ thermostat? You shouldn’t need to reset anything other than the thermostat and when you get your Internet access back everything should function as they did before. Am I missing something…

(ilker Aktuna) #270

ok. got it.
I had thought that after resetting the device I have to delete and add it to ST.

(Rusty Knabe) #271

RBoy, what’s up with the smart app version v03.09.04?
There seems to no longer be a way to change the temp without the scheduled temp overriding it within a minute or so. I have tried using the lock function, but nothing seems to make the manual temp setting actually last more than a minute.
Can we get a config to turn off this new behavior?

( - Make your home your butler!) #272

Open the app and enable the option for Allow temporary hold if you want to manually override the thermostat set points.

(Rusty Knabe) #273

Thanks, that did the trick. No sure how I missed that one.

(Warren) #274

@RBoy To add to my RFE request, would the team be interested in implementing a pairing for thermostats and door/window sensors. I just installed the new Sinope TH1300B Smart Floor Heating Thermostat and it’s working great alongside the other thermostat in a different room. While I could have multiple instances of the app it would be so much more cleaner to have the ability to pair a open/close sensor with each thermostat instead of just having a pool.

Also, not to press my luck, just wondering about the RFE for seasonal hold. :grin: