Regular alerts whilst device active?

Hi guys. This seems like a simple request but I’ve searched high and low but not found a solution.

I have Samsung smartplug in my summer house connected to a heater. I am paranoid about this being left on. What I’m looking for is a regular alert (every hour or so) telling me the switch is on…

Is such a thing possible?



SmartThings is an amazingly broad platform, so there are a dozen ways to do this.

  • You’ll find WebCoRE is the most common recommendation because it is a “Rules Engine” that can be code almost any scenario. But it is also overkill for a single unique problem.

  • I think there was a SmartApp called “Power Allowance” or similar. Worth using the Community Search :mag: function.

  • Smart Home Monitor (the default alerting Dashboard Solution SmartApp that appears on the first page of the SmartThings mobile App) will automatically send an alert and hourly (maybe 2 hours?) reminders of conditions like Water Leak and Smoke Detected. It is not too difficult to create a “Virtual Moisture/Leak Sensor” that you synchronize with the Switch you are using on the heater. But it would alert immediately and continue to alert until you cleared it on your phone. You don’t need to use a Virtual Sensor … you could add the Capability with a few lines of code to the Switch Device Type Handler.

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I have set friends up with Super Notifier. It is more simple than webCoRE and does just notifications very well.


Thanks guys. I went with super notifier option and it works a treat. You’ve been great help and much appreciated


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