Best way to be notified if a plug is under load over a certain period?

Use case is as follows: I have a TV plugged into a Zooz mini plug. I want to be alerted if the TV is being watched over 1 hour during a specific time window (ie is the nanny parking the kids in front of the tv every day) the trigger would be the Amp reading on the plug exceeding a certain value. Does something like that exist?

Check out webCoRE.

If you don’t have or don’t want to install webCoRE, I believe there are a few smart apps in the main ST app you can install. I see “Energy Alerts” and “Energy Saver” that might be able to send you a text or notification.

Thanks for the good advice, Energy alerts would be perfect but sadly doesn’t allow the user to specify the timing, bummer


I would program a simple SmartApp that would subscribe to energy events from the device. Every time it triggers, if the time is within the target window, I would calculate the time since the last energy event and multiply that by the current wattage, and add it to a state variable. At the end of the window, another function would create an alert with the total value, and then clear the state variable.