Register an AWS Lambda function

(Jack) #1

I am trying to register my AWS Lambda function using the curl command below from However I am getting the message below as a result. What might be causing the issue?


curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer XXXXXX" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Accept: application/json" -d '{
  "appName": "asdf",
  "displayName": "asdf",
  "description": "asdf",
  "appType": "LAMBDA_SMART_APP",
  "lambdaSmartApp": {
    "functions": [
}' ""

(jkp) #2

maybe a result of this minor ST outage…


(Jack) #3

Has the ST outage been fixed now?

(Jack) #4

I retried the curl command, but now there is no message at all. Is there not supposed to be a response?

(Jim Anderson) #5

No, a successful response should return the app object created, as documented here:

If you’re using curl, try passing in the verbose option -v to see if that gives any more info like if you’re getting a 401 or 403 response for auth issues.

(Jack) #6

Thanks. I get a message now. I also want to know if executing this curl command is supposed to return a client id and secret? Right now I get the message below when I add “-v” to my curl command and I don’t get a client id and secret.

(Jim Anderson) #7

You’re getting a 403 which means the token you’re using doesn’t have permission to create an app. Verify that the token you’re using has the write apps (w:apps:*) scope. If it doesn’t, create a new token and be sure to check the write apps scope:


(Jack) #8

Thanks. If I want to delete the app, how can I do so through the curl command?

(Jim Anderson) #9

If the app was successfully created, you can delete it with a DELETE request to{appNameOrId} as doc’d here: (also requires the token has the w:apps:* scopes as documented).

To get a list of apps for an account you can use this API (requires the l:apps scope on the token).

(Jack) #10

I deleted all my apps, but when I try to register my lambda function with the app name, “test”, it gives me the below. Why is this so?

(Jim Anderson) #11

App names are required to be globally unique and when deleted the app name still remains as registered. So, rename your new app with some unique identifier, eg “cookierookie-app-test-2”

(Jack) #12

Thanks for your help. Would you also be willing to help me out on this post: Account Linking URLs? I’d appreciate that.