Refund for Smartthings Trackers for Verizon?

So Samsung has abandoned the Smartthings Trackers, without telling anyone they were doing it at the points of sale. Samsung and their peddlers joyfully continually sold these directly and through resellers (you can still find them for sale at some retailers), without one word of them no longer being supported.

AT&T specific trackers at least seems to have some method of recourse via receiving a refund ( ), however Verizon model buyers seem left holding the bag on a handful of trackers they can’t use. I’ve been trying to activate Verizon trackers since September of last year, working with Samsung Support, and they never once said anything about them no longer being supported, only that it had gone to the developers for resolution.

Just like the Samsung Smartthings Wifi Hubs that I also invested in and they abandoned, I’m pretty sure I’m never investing in their technology again and will look elsewhere when all my other Samsung equipment comes up for retirement (including TVs, appliances, and mobile devices).

One seriously P.O’d user.


Ah, so they did discontinue support for the Verizon model, too. Assumed they would when the AT&T model was cut off. Maybe @SamsungZell knows if there is a refund program for it. I believe I got $30 in Samsung credit for my AT&T model.

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Hey there! @chuck850, Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile: I completely understand your frustration. Thank you for the tag @Automated_House.

Unfortunately, I do not have more information to add at this time.

As you mentioned, AT&T models SM-V110AZWAATT are the only ones available for selection for that method.

You would need to reach out to Samsung Contact Center, they are better equipped to assist with your inquiry.

Samsung Contact Center: 866-813-2404

Additionally, I have included a link to the Refund & Returns Policy below:

I hope this message finds you well!


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