Refrigerator not uploading HEIF photos from Galaxy Ultra23

My Samsung Galaxy Ultra 23 saves photos, by default, to HEIF file format. Now when I try to upload to my Samsung Refrigerator it fails. Is this a known issue? What is Samsung doing to streamline the products? (I have reluctantly switched back to jpeg for the time being on my phone, but I have months worth of photos I cant upload now in HEIF.) Appreciate any suggestions!

I don’t have an answer, but I thought this is such a first world 2023 problem it made me smile. Not being able to upload pictures to a refrigerator!

I hope you find a solution.

Hi. Just know that if you are on the SAMSUNG help site, let me repeat… SAMSUNG help site…everything on it is a first world problem. I deserve to get what I paid for, doesn’t everyone? I’m sorry you think are are so much better than everyone else that you would post something controversial when no controversy was required. Very best wishes to you.

Well… you are on a SMARTTHINGS help site. I don’t think I am better than anyone, and I didn’t post something controversial. You did. I merely commented that I enjoyed your post and it brought a smile to my face.

Incidentally I hope you find a solution to your problem. I find it odd that a Samsung phone can’t work with a Samsung refrigerator. I did a brief search for your problem and the only reference to it when googling “Samsung refrigerator HEIF” was your post on here. Perhaps the HEIF format is not widely adopted yet and Samsung hasn’t been made aware of the problem. There were several google results indicating that compatibility is a common HEIF/HEIC complaint. It seem many people go back to JPG when running into the compatibility issues.

Since you brought it up. Why is the HEIF preferred over JPG? I have an S23 Ultra and switched to JPG when I first got the phone because I didn’t know anything about HEIF and didn’t want any issues with all the software I have that works with JPG.

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