Refresh Device Raw Description and Data?

I understand that the description in your cloud account might be inaccurate, but it will be accurate on the hub and you can always query it if you want to see it. So can I ask why you want this information?

Just as an example, the Z wave Tweaker will always get you the current information on associations, firmware level, etc.

So if you want the information for network reasons, the network already keeps itself up-to-date.

If you want the information for human reasons, you can use the Tweaker or something similar.

If you want the information in order to update a secondary Z wave controller, many will do this themselves using the same command sets that the zwave Tweaker does. Like the firmware meta data get command.

If you need to do it yourself, again you should be able to pull it in the same way that the zwave Tweaker does, and then you could pass it over to whatever utility updates your secondary.

So it really comes down to the details of why you want this information. I believe it is available.

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