Information Missing From Raw Description

Can a device type handler for a Z-Wave Plus device that supports the wakeup and security command classes cause the manufacturer id, product id and most of the command classes to not get populated in the raw description?

If you have a device handler installed that’s for a specific device, but the device gets identified as a different device, could the device it was supposed to get paired as have any effect on the pairing process?

I’m hoping to get an official response from someone at SmartThings on these questions. @Duncan, @slagle, @vlad

Did you ever get an answer on this? Since my migration to v3 hub I am unable to properly include any of my Aeon Labs Recessed Door Sensors as they all end up with most of those entries zero’d out. The sensor works but it doesn’t automatically pick up the proper DTH and given a number of issues I am trying to resolve on my mesh network I wanted to be sure everything was done right.

Just like this thread, ST is not answering on the topic…

No, but I’ve found that pulling the batteries and unplugging the hub for a few minutes usually fixes it for a little while.