Record arlo on doorbell?

I have my arlo set up and integrated with ST. Also have an Aeotec doorbell sensor wired in to create notifications and trigger a Sonos playback for remote doorbell. My arlo modes have a schedule/presence setting that disable auto recording in certain conditions which I feel make the most sense for our family.

I’m looking for ideas to trigger my Arlo to record when my Aeotec sensor fires and the Arlo is in Disarmed status.

I don’t think you can do it while it is in disarmed mode.

I have Arlo record a 1 min video when my doorbell is rung. But I leave Arlo in Armed mode the majority of the time.
I think you need to have Arlo in either armed mode or ST mode or some other mode you create, basically anything other than disarmed.

You could probably make some work around where the doorbell turns Arlo to Armed mode through IFTTT and a delayed webcore piston, virtual switch and custom SHM. But you might miss who rang the bell.

I dont know exactly how the doorbell shows up but…

I have Arlo record 2 mins everytime my exterior motion sensor sees motion. You do this by doing a custom smart home monitor. This works in any mode of SMH. It’s how we all work around that there appears to be no other way to trigger a recording with stock apps. I assume the door bell sensor will show up there much like a motion sensor or open/close sensor.

Perhaps I’m wrong but I think he was referring to Arlo Mode. I’m not able to record video in Arlo via ST custom SHM rules while Arlo is in disarmed mode.

No idea… but to control Arlo i thought it had to be in SmartThings mode and integrated into the whole system. Aside from that not sure how you can assume two disparent systems can talk to each other. Thats what SmartThings is doing ultimately.

Sorry, didn’t mean to confuse. Long story short - Yes, you have to authorize Arlo from ST. No, you do not have to leave Arlo in Smartthings mode.

I was referring to Arlo “disarmed” mode. I am hearing from this discussion that there is no way to trigger anything while arlo is in that mode. Automating mode change will likely be too slow for my needs.

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Here is the solution I think is working. Still testing.

Created a virtual switch and implemented Button Controller smart app to toggle the switch when doorbell is pressed. Then went into SHM and set up trigger to record on virtual switch activation.

I had to redo my arlo schedule to never go into diarmed mode. Instead I created a mode with no active motion triggers to simulate being disarmed.

It works

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Does this solution work for both Arlo and Arlo Pro Security Camera?

Ok this is exactly what I am trying to do and am pulling my hair out. I have Arlo integrated in ST. I seem to have no option to trigger recording. In Smart Home Monitor if I create a custom rule for motion at the front door, the only option I have available is to either turn on or off the camera. There is no option to record video for a certain amount of time. What am I missing ?

OK, finally got things working like I wanted. I have posted a step by step description of the Use Case and steps to configure and automate over at the Arlo community at the following link:

Below is the basic outline:

OK Finally got everything working working and wanted to list out the specific steps for anyone else looking in the future. My Use Case was to trigger a one minute minute recording from an external motion sensor using Smartthings Smart Home Monitor. The motion sensor I am using is the SkyBell HD doorbell integrated into Smartthings. The specific Use Case is that when there is motion at the front door, record on a camera that will capture the person answering the door and if guests enter the house they will also be recorded.

Here are the specific steps to get it working:

  1. Integrate the Arlo into Smartthings using the following:

  2. In the Arlo App, set the Mode to Disarmed

  3. In the Smartthings app, create a Smart Home Monitoring Custom Rule as follows:

  • Select Device to Use as Motion Sensor

  • Select the Skybell HD as the motion sensor (mine is named Front Door)

  • On the next page select Camera to record as the Arlo camera you want to use

  • Select Done and then finish the configuration. Press Save until you are back at the beginning. You should get a message that says Smart Home Monitor is updated.

Once this is done turn the camera On. This can be done in either the Arlo app or in Smartthings. I have a virtual switch setup in ST that I use to turn the camera on/off for ease of use in other automations.

Trigger the motion on the Skybell HD and you should have a recording start.

The main problem I was having was confusion about the Arlo modes and interactions with ST. Also I had an issue where the Skybell was not passing the motion event on to ST. I solved this by deleting the Skybell and re-adding. Once this was doen everything is working great.

Hope that someone else finds this useful in the future.