Reconnecting hub

My Sth-eth-200 requires it’s welcome code to add it to SmartThings can you send me my code?

Since it is the weekend, you should contact ST support. They will need the serial number on the bottom of your hub. Do not post it on the forum. Tap on Menu in the app and select Contact us. Also check the battery compartment to see if the code was printed on the inside of the battery cover.

During the week, @nayelyz can assist on the forum.

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To dovetail upon what @jkp correctly said, be aware this is a user/community forum–not an official SmartThings Support channel…

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Hi, @jastra
Please, let us know if the support team was able to help, if not, please send me a DM with the serial number, it would be great if you type the number because sometimes it’s not easy to see it in pictures :smiley:

You are the first person to respond, thnk you1 s/n=xxx or the last character could be an 8

I sent you a direct message with the claim code, please check your notifications. Thanks!

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