Looking for new Smart Home HUB- what version is best?

Currently have the first generation Smartthings Hub in my home. Im looking to add a new HUB to my parents for home automation, that is user friendly. With Samsungs new move to the new app (which Im OK with), is the ST still the best, user friendly Hub to get? If it is, what is the best version…the newest ST Wifi (builtin Hub) and is there a version within that series I need to look for?

Or should I venture out to another different brand? Thanks for your input.

If you just mean which smartthings hub is the best, I wouldn’t get the Wi-Fi model as it has not been getting updates as often as the other models and I’m not even sure if it’s going to be continued. I’d go ahead and get the new Aeotec model once it comes out. It’s the same as the most recent hub, the V3, just with the new logo.

(Samsung has decided to get out of the home automation hardware business, but will continue to provide the cloud platform and the app. See the official announcement in the following thread:

An Update Regarding our Hardware. )

If you want a user friendly alternative to smartthings with an easy to use app, I usually suggest that people look at abode (which is also an excellent security system) or if you already have iPhones, to look at Apple’s HomeKit. Both are simpler systems than smartthings, and both cost more, so it just depends on what you are looking for. But excellent apps.

You can find more discussion of other options in the following section of the forum:

But if you’re already familiar with smartthings and like it, then I would definitely go with the new Aeotec hub. It’s already available for order in the UK and should be available in the US soon.

JD- thank you. I was not aware that Samsung was getting out of the home automation. So does the new Aeotec Hub use its own app or the current Samsung ST app?

Or do you think the Abode Hub is a much better choice overall? I dont mind moving to a new app and/or Hub, as long its not going to be discontinued and support is available.

They aren’t getting out of home automation: they are getting out of the sales and support of the hardware. They are going to continue to provide the cloud and the app, so they will become the “platform” for device manufacturers, with Aeotec being the first ones to sign up. It will be the smartthings app that we already have. More Details in the “announcement“ thread I linked to in my previous post.

As to other choices… I don’t think abode is better overall, it’s the typical situation where different hubs have different pluses and minuses. It has a lot more local operation and is a much better security system. But it has a more limited selection of devices and you have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

As I’ve mentioned before, I personally moved all of my critical use cases over to apple’s HomeKit a couple of years ago and I’ve been really happy with it for simple rules. It’s reliable, the prices have come way down on Devices, The addition of shortcuts means it supports much more complex rules than it used to, and everything is local except voice control. And I find the app very easy to use. But different things will work for different people, and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you already use iOS devices.

Again, though, you can find lots of discussion of other hubs in the forum section that I previously linked to. There are also quite a few people like me who are running both smartthings and another system, for different reasons. I don’t think there’s any one perfect choice out there right now, different systems will work for different people. And sometimes it takes two. :sunglasses:

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JD- thank you for your expert advise. It is much appreciated. I dont have Apple so homekit will be out, and my parents wont want to pay monthly service charge.

I do prefer local access instead of cloud…do you know if the Aeotec or ST V3 has this feature? I noticed that my first gen ST hub takes a bit of time to get the alerts and based on what I heard is that Samsung moved to the cloud based and people move to the Habitat Hub but thats not “user friendly” app. So Habitat is out of the picture for me.

So I think the best will be either the current Samsung Smartthing V3 or the new Aeotec Hub. Do you think the current V3 is good or is it worth the wait for the Aeotec hub with updated features?

As far as I know, the current V3 is out of stock everywhere and the new Aeotec hub doesn’t have any updated features, it’s just the same hardware as the V3 with a different logo on top. So the only reason you have to wait for it is because there’s a gap in the supply chain right now.

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Just to make sure you’re aware, there is no local access from the ST App on your phone to the ST Hub (regardless of version), even if your phone is on the same LAN as the hub. The ST App on your phone only talks to the ST Cloud Servers, which in turn are in communication with the ST Hub. This is THE SmartThings architecture.

Since the release of the ST v2 Hub many years ago, there has really only ever been 1 SmartApp that was allowed to run locally on the hub and perform local automations - Smart Lighting. It appears that Samsung is trying to phase the Smart Lighting SmartApp out of existence, as they have blocked its installation in many geographic regions around the globe. It is still available in the USA.

Note: Yes, I realize that some small portions of the old, deprecated, and now obsolete Smart Home Monitor (SHM) SmartApp were eligible to run locally as well. However, that SmartApp is now 100% dead along with the ST Classic mobile app. The new ST App uses SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM), which is 100% cloud-based, along with all of the new app’s ‘Automations’.