Recommendations for a video cam that can record to a hard drive

Hi all,

Looking to buy a camera to work with ST, don’t want to spend a fortune as it is only for the event of a break in which should hopefully never happen, maybe up to £130.

I have seen the Samsung one but can they be configured to work with my wireless hard drive? Or has anyone found a way of doing this with a drop cam pro?

I don’t want to pay for a monthly subscription.


Depends on the budget, I guess.

Blue Iris has a good reputation and can be run on a very low powered PC (< $200) or even an old laptop and is expandable to … dozens of cameras.

I know that the supported D-Link cameras can be set to send pictures or video to a FTP server when it senses motion (and possibly sound on some models). I’m not sure how it works specifically or if it works well or not.

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