Recommendation for Smart Lock in Europe

Hi all,

I am quite new to ST and I am still trying to build a list of devices to get. One of the harder ones to choose from is the door lock. The main issue for me is that I have trouble finding any of the “Best door locks” since they are not available in Europe.

I love the Samsung Smart Door Locks but it’s hard to get them as well and from what I saw on the forum, many people have troubles running them smoothly outside of Asia since they are mainly distributed there.

So here comes my question. Can anyone recommend a good (let’s say price is irrelevant) smart lock that will work well with ST.

  • Sold in Europe (UK or Germany) is a must
  • Reporting who is opening the door is a must
  • Unlocking with a tag/card is good to have
  • Lever is good to have

Thanks all in advance.


Is it a mortise lock? If so, you will have fewer choices.

@RBoy is an expert on locks, including in Europe, and can probably give some recommendations.

He offers a library of custom code behind a paywall that supports the advanced features of many lock models. You pay a one time fee and then you get access to all of his code. It is very popular in the community.

He also participates in this forum and gives free advice here. Just be aware that if he suggests any code for a particular model, it may be behind a paywall.

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There are many locks available which can meet your requirements including Yale Connexis and IDLock both of which are available in the EU region. Samsung also has some locks they’re mostly for the APAC region.

Check out the first post here, it has a table which compares lock features across brands, but specifically for RFID tags I would highly recommend IDLock 150 as it supports both keypad and RFID tags and works very nicely with SmartThings. With Yale depending on the model it may or may not have a keypad and with some models it or may not report the RFID information to SmartThings.


As @JDRoberts asked, what type of lock do you have on your door currently? That matters the most.
The Smart lock market in Europe is quite narrow and hard to find the best lock, or there isn’t any…

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Yes…the same here. Trying to find something that works in Europe

Found this one…not sure if works with ST,scm-url:1007.13562.168240.0,pvid:317e6055-cb93-44a4-8e8e-1cd5fecd5fa4,tpp_buckets:668%230%23131923%2334_668%23808%233772%23696_668%23888%233325%2318_668%234328%2319925%23186_668%232846%238112%23578_668%232717%237561%23393__668%233374%2315176%23675

I ended up ordering the Samsung SHP-DP609 from a Singaporian online store. They ship it with a z-wave chip with EU frequencies. I Will let you know how well it works once I receive it.


Samsung digital door lock, It comes with five access methods to ensure every buyer can easily use: RFID card, RFID tag, fingerprint, keypad, and key.

Is there a model number sold in Europe that works with the SmartThings ™ app and platform? (Since that’s what this thread is about.)

Most of the ones I’ve seen in the past like the SHS2920 And the SHS1321 are very nice locks, but they are standalone and do not work with the SmartThings platform. :thinking:

First rule of home automation: “the model number matters.“

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