Recommend switch similar to inovelli?

I’m looking for a switch that has a low key LED like inovelli and in the same spot to keep uniformity throughout the house. The inovelli LED is perfect IMO, but they’re new switch isn’t an option for me and the ones matching what I have aren’t available. I have some zooz switches and they’re way too bright for bedrooms or anything near a TV (my opinion). Those are all I have to go off of though.

If the only issue is the indicator LED, as I’ve mentioned before, I like these light blocker stickers. :sunglasses: There are lots of different brands, but this is the one I use and it works very well. They come in white, black, or silver.

If you need the white, you may need to use two of them in the same spot, which is why the ratings are lower for that color. But I still find them very unobtrusive.

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Also, many Z wave switches, including some of the zooz models, have a parameter option that you can use to turn the LED off at all times. I don’t know if that would work for your situation, but it’s another option.

You can use the Z wave tweaker to set the parameters if the standard DTH doesn’t expose them.


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For the zooz that may work. The terminals are little wonky, but it functions perfectly once you get past that. The LED is just too bright. I assume I would need to open it up and place on the actual light? I’m thinking it wouldn’t look so nice on the exterior of the switch. At that price point I’m gonna just go ahead and order it and see what’s what. Thanks

Mine have that option. I really like the LED function where you can set it to be ON when the light is OFF.

Hi @tons_of_guns,

I believe the new GE zwave switches have a tiny LED like the Inovelli. I have a couple, and the difference is very noticable compared to older zwave versions. Another noticeable difference I can see between the 2 would be the GE has an airgap switch on the front.

If you wanted to do away with the airgap switch, go with GE’s Zigbee switch:

I honestly love these devices. For me, Zigbee device performance has been impeccable and super fast. I am slowly replacing all my GE zwave switches with these. They’re a bit more expensive that the Inovelli switch though.

I’m kinda scared to go zigbee. Seems to have more problems than z-wave


How is the energy monitoring of the zigbee Ge switch?

I have the exact opposite experience. Zwave for me has been way worse. I have many zigbee repeaters in my mesh, and that makes a huge difference.

Fast, frequent, and surprisingly accurate.

I’m on a different hub now so idk. Might grab a few to try it out. Having major issues with the inovelli that I have