Inovelli LZW31-SN + Lightify Recessed RGBW lights + Smartthings

Currently I have an Inovelli LZW30-SN switch controlling (6) recessed lights (no dim) with (2) GE add-on for a 4-way configuration.

I am upgrading the recessed lights to Lightify RGBW Smart recessed lights and upgrading the switch to the LZW31-SN dimming switch, but keeping the (2) GE add-ons for on/off functionallity at the secondary locations.

I plan to disable the internal relay and “mirror” the 6 recessed smart lights to the switch for on/off (main and 2ndary locations) and on/off/dim (at the main switch).

I tested the dimming function with just one light and a dimmable Zooz switch (waiting for the inovelli’s to arrive this week), and it seems to work ok except for the dimming where there is considerable lag.

Seeing that the bulbs are Zigbee and the switch is Z-wave, direct association isn’t possible. The other option is to keep the non-dimming LZW30-SN switch and program “scenes” for the dimming, e.g. 2 clicks up for 100% bright, 2 clicks down for 75% bright, 3 clicks down for 50% bright, or whatever combinations.

Does anyone see a better way of controlling these lights with the Inovelli dimming switch?

Did you use the Zooz custom DTH (cloud execution) or the Z-wave generic dimmer switch DTH (local execution)?

If both the switches and lights are run locally by the hub you should get fairly quick response. If both are cloud-based I’d expect lag and variability.

Regarding the GE add-ons, they make one that works as a dimmer, at least with the GE Enbrighten primary. Might work with the Inovelli dimmer, don’t know.

Yes, it was using the custom DTH with cloud execution.

I’m getting the Inovelli switches this Friday so will test out the switch on the recessed lights this weekend and see how they respond.

Again, worst case I would just set the scenes to some default dim levels, and tell the wife if she wants to control dimming then to use Alexa.

The Inovelli switches look very cool. If I ever do smart lights, that’s what I’ll use.

We’re in a new house with almost 40 LED can lights, all are 3000K. After the house was done my wife informed me she didn’t like the bright white.

I have the LZW31-SN controlling the same recessed lights. I went with the click based dimming using SmartLighting SmartApp…2 down for 70%, 3 down for 40% etc. For color i went with 1 up full white, 2 up full blue, 3 up full red etc.

Plan on moving to full local processing solution sometime next year though, that’s why I grabbed their dimmers vs the on/offs.

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How many of the lights do you have the switch controlling? Do they turn on/off and dim in sync?

What “local processing” solution are you lookign into, somthing like Hubitat?

Yeah the LZW31 switches are pretty sweet…I picked up the black-friday deal, but need to figure out a plan for the bulbs now.

I have 2 rooms, one with 4 Lightify 73858’s and another with 2 73858’s. I have the lights setup in a group using Trend Setter Smartapp, then using the Smart Lighting app, I have it controlling the group created in Trend Setter. They seem to dim/on/off pretty close to in sync…it’s not obvious if they aren’t.

Yeah - after xmas looking to play around with Hubitat. Sometimes the lag in controlling the smart lights with the Inovelli’s (no fault of the switch) going over the cloud is pretty bad.