Recommend some wall switches

You can’t go just by color. Most Wire colors are not mandated by code in most of the US, and people can and do use any color, especially if it’s getting towards the end of the day and there’s only one spool left in the toolbox. You have to map the circuits to see which wire is which.

If you live near a Home Depot, many of these offer a free class in installing a light switch. They won’t cover smart switches, but you will learn how to use the tools to map the circuits and some good basics about light switches.

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The resting odd position of the switch is my wife’s biggest complaint about these (GE/Jasco toggles). Also my MIL’s biggest complaint. Never a fun time when your wife and her mother are complaining about the same stupid switch at the same time.

Now my wife actually likes the style of the Leviton switches we have in the basement (basic Decora style, that is push to toggle) over the GE/Jasco Decora style switches (top is on, bottom is off). I’m about to throw in some Zooz switches upstairs so we will see how well that goes over. I’m going to try to install them when nobody is home to see how long before I get the glare stare.

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The current Zooz ZEN26 has a parameter you can set so that tapping either paddle toggles the switch.

The older zwave Classic Leviton Vizia RF switches were push to toggle, but all their zwave plus stuff is top for on, bottom for off.

I’m going to start with toggle switches and see how I like them. I think I’ll go with the ZOOZ.

I’m a pretty handy guy, I just hate doing electrical. After thinking about it, I’m guessing they daisy-chained outlets and switches and used a length of 14-3 just between the outlet and switch with the red feeding power back to the outlet. Come to think of it, I don’t remember if the outlet is split.

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I’m going to buy 2 switches but dimmers are the same price as non-dimmers. I want to buy a 2-pack and my porch light doesn’t need a dimmer but is there any reason to buy non-dimmers?

Non-dimmers For devices that shouldn’t be dimmed. Non-dimmable bulbs, fans, etc.

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Other than what @prjct92eh2 said, just keep things simple. Dimmers are more complicated electrically than simple switches.

My favorite dimmer, Zooz ZEN27, has lower than usual wattage limit. Something to do with the way they can replace line side of a 3-way without wiring changes to the other switch. The low limit isn’t an issue for me as I’m 99% LEDs

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I’ll switch to a a 2 pack of the non-dimming ones (pun intended). I’m also going to get a refurb Fibaro flood sensor while I’m at it. I might find another motion sensor or two. I’d take recommendations on either of those.

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I’ve got a Samsung motion sensor above the interior door into my garage. Gets triggered a lot. After about 8 or 9 months it’s down to 59% battery. So ok but not great

I have a Samsung that came with my hub and it works well. I’ve had to replace the battery once. Are there better ones?

I got my switches in the mail and wired one up. Then I found out the switches are the same size as the electrical box they go in. So I can fit the switch OR the wiring but not both. :frowning:

Oh wow. Most smart switches are going to be about that size. GE’s new z-wave switches are shallower, so those may be worth a try.

I’ve already scratched this one up so I’ll persevere. I have it wired and working, hanging out of the wall. My next move will be to get the box out of the wall and install an “Old Work” box with more space inside.

How do I set up the multiple click actions? I installed the handler before the switch so I should be ready but don’t see how to configure it.

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