Smartthings routines delayed by 10+ mins (29 June 2024)

Anyone having issues with delayed notification and rountines today??
I have 2 hubs, local routines are working perfectly fine, but anything in the cloud is delayed by up to 10 minutes.
Rebooted both hubs and confirmed wifi is perfectly fine, nothing in Smartthings status.
Thought it might have something with the firmware updates happening, but im still on 000.052.00021
Anyone else having these issues??

Seems to have resolved it’s self now.


This has been reported from time to time for years. Usually it resolves itself after a bit.

Frustrating, I know… :confused:

I experienced the same phenomenon and now it seems to be working normally.

And…the same here last night. I have two sets of lights in the basement, both of which can be turned on/off with a scene controller that triggers a SmartThings Routine. Last night I turned 'em on no problem, went to the basement, and upon return there was at least a 30-second delay before the first set of lights turned off. I got tired of waiting for the second set to follow and just turned 'em off manually.

Yeah, frustrating! :roll_eyes:

Even though all of the devices & routines are flagged ‘Local’ in the app, perhaps the hub was all wrapped up in something cloud-based that took most of its cycles.