Receive status updates on my current system?

What I would like is instead of a notifcation when someone leave or arrives, have ST maybe via CoRE tell me the current status of my smart monitor, my cameras status (Blue Iris and Alro/Ring), status of any open doors etc.

I would like this to update me every 6 hours and just tell me simply: Your lock is locked, cameras are on and the house is set to away/armed etc.

Is this possible?

Yes, although you will likely need to install WebCoRE if you haven’t already and write a piston to do exactly what you want. Timed events, and notifications are all possible there.

HAHAHAHAHA. you brits. LOL


Thanks. What is the thought in triggering via a switch. I’m thinking I want webCore to tell me the status of my home such as home or away, and then based on that the status of certain devices.