Philips Hue White A19 4 pack $49.97 at Amazon ($12.49 per bulb)

Word is Amazon wanted to get the price down on these to go with the new echo plus. Whatever the reason, this is a really good price on the white only bulbs as long as you need four of them. :sunglasses:

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Hmph… I need 4 x BR30’s though…

And…choice is good. The Sengled White only bulb down to $9 each in their 4 pack.

Same brightness, same size. Some differences:

If you use the hue bulbs with the hue bridge, you also be able to use them with HomeKit or natively with Amazon echo. The sengled requires The smartthings hub for basic Echo integration and doesn’t work with HomeKit. ( it can work with the echo plus without a hub, but then it won’t work with SmartThings. )

If you want a bulb to connect directly to the smartthings hub, not using the hue bridge, get the Sengled. The Sengled will not act as a zigbee repeater, but The Hue connected directly to the SmartThings bridge can be an unreliable repeater, which can be worse. :disappointed_relieved:

Note that this is not the Sengled model with the built in button, that one is the “element touch” and costs about twice as much.