RazBerry Pi on Amazon now. Anyone had any luck?

Noticed the razberry pi on amazon today. Anyone had luck implementing this with ST? I only saw one post with no follow-ups


Not sure what you mean by “implementing”. Raspberry is a Z-Wave controller. You could probably set it up as secondary to ST hub, but then what?

gerund or present participle: implementing
put into effect. (a decision, plan, agreement, etc.)

all fooling aside

just a few thoughs as a secondary…

  1. Control of GPIO into ST
  2. Control of the OS, including XBMC
  3. Expansion of codebase to give ST more compatibility.
  4. Audio/Video/Camera control
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Appreciate English lesson, but you missed the point. It’s a Z-Wave controller. If you find a way to send commands from one Z-Wave controller (ST hub) to another Z-Wave controller (Razberry), let me know. :slight_smile:

I thought from the rumblings I have read around the community that running a secondary controller (like Aeon remote) on ST was possible.

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I’ve heard that daughter card is very low quality.