Raspberry Pi 3 and smartthings

Hello Smartthings Community,

I would like to integrate raspberry pi 3 with smartthings …anyone knows about smartapps that works ?


I use my Pi for:

Host Pinger-Allows you to ping network devices to give on/off status in ST

Alarm Sever-Allows me to integrate my DSC alarm System into ST for 28 wired devices.

Find My iPhone-Allows me to ask Alexa to find my iPhone and it works like the Apple App

Garage Opener-Uses the GPIO to send a relay to my garage opener

Stat Server-Work in Progress


This isn’t a support forum– – it’s a community forum, where individual customers share their projects and questions for comment by other customers.

And There isn’t any official integration between SmartThings and a raspberry pi.

However, as @rontalley mentioned, there are many community members who are using raspberry pi with SmartThings in many different ways. It depends on specifically what you’re trying to accomplish.

For example, the following thread is a project report on how to use SmartThings to control relays attached to a raspberry pi

And this has a similar purpose, allowing SmartThings to control GPIO on a raspberry pi

While this thread is using a raspberry pi for IR control of audiovisual devices.

Quite a few project reports have used a raspberry pi as a “man in the middle” between SmartThings and some other protocol.

You can just search the forum for “raspberry” or check the project reports on the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki.


So the short answer is that there is no official integration, or universal integration. But there are a number of individual community members who have used a raspberry pi for different projects, and many have posted project reports about what they have done that you might find of interest. :sunglasses:



thanks for the info,i was able to go through the links you sent and installed the BerryIO and can access the GPIO and turn them on/off using my computer browser and i can see my LED going on and off.Also i was able to get CPU/Memory/Disk status on my smarthings app and even reboot the raspberry pi from my smartthings app.

there is a switch in the smartthings app beside the cpu/memory/disk…what is that for ?
thanks again.