Raspberry pi in SmartThings

How do I setup a raspberry pi to be used with SmartThings.
Like for example with Tuya.
Easiest way possible to set up please?

Do you want the PI to work as an intermediary between some ofther devices or as a directly connected thing?

As a bridge is what I understand.
I’m not for sure this is my first attempt with a raspberry pi and SmartThings.

If you are looking at creating a bridge then you can create an endpoint app tha runs on the PI as a webhook endpoint.

I have no programming skills.
I was hoping there was something already in the works.
That would be easy to implement.

Is a bridge the way I need to go?


How could I make the PI to work as a directly connected thing, using the new SmartThings API ?

Should I get a zigbee or zwave shield to make the PI to connect directly to my HUB ?
Or should I get another micro controller, like the ESP32, to also direct connect to the HUB ?

Hi - Just came across your old post. I have a package that allows you to create directly connected devices on Raspberry Pi. Start here ==> https://toddaustin07.github.io/