Apple HomeKit integration

Hi all,

Is there any chance we can use the ST hub or SmartSense Zigbee HA 1.2 sensors with Apple’s HomeKit?
How do HomeKit devices talk to their hub (Apple TV)? Is it via BT? What about Zigbee/Z-wave?

I have a setup based on ST v2.0 but would not mind maybe switching over to HomeKit if my door/motion/other Zigbee sensors could be utilized.

Thanks a lot!

You can run HomeKit with SmartThings using Homebridge running on a Windows/Linux/macOS box. Lots of people use a Raspberry Pi although I happen to use a Mac Mini. Not crazy hard to do but you do need some basic command line skills.

Works fine with Z-Wave and Zigbee door/windows sensors connected to the SmarttThings hub but there is no native support for Z-Wave/Zigbee in HomeKit (only via a hub). HomeKit supports fewer device types and there are always limitations in the Homebridge-SmartThings plug-in so you can’t blindly assume everything is going to work.