Rachio Iro Smart Irrigation Controller Integration

Congratulations! There is no doubt in my mind that the Rachio interface will be awesome if @tonesto7 had anything to do with it. Because if he gets even half as close with Rachio to the perfection he did on Nest I will be thoroughly pleased. :wink:

UPDATE: Confirmed @tonesto7 was involved… It’s happy time!


Then i’m confident you will be very happy with the app and devices


My decision is made

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I wonder what “soon” translates to in SmartThing’s time?

So I think it is time to start a contest to see who can guess the closest date to the actual release date, the winner gets bragging rights :wink:

My guess is for the first official day of Spring; Mar 20th. ( I am the eternal optimist )

I guess March 28th or April 3rd :slight_smile:

I guess whatever @tonesto7 guesses :smile:


Those really are an arbitrary guess.
Even though I was directly involved in the creation and certification of the app/devices I still don’t know the exact date of release :slight_smile:


I’m guessing Labor Day… just in time for spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

Been checking the Marketplace/Irrigation on my mobile app for Rachio integration…

come on SmartThings; let’s get it out the door today! :grinning:

I can tell you it’s not happening this week :slight_smile:


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Use IFTTT: Make a virtual buttons/switch in Smartthing and link it to a zone or a complete watering cycle using IFTTT.

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awww… you burst my bubble of hope for the reminder of the day. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: This is one reason why I don’t gamble, I stink at it

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Official integration is about to happen, little point in involving a third party at this point, one that is horribly inconsistent as well.


Coming back over here from the rachio community… I’d love to have access to these types of events from Rachio into ST:

Which I would be using to activate the water valve controller that feeds my irrigation system, before it starts running the zones on the schedule.

When it does happen, will it work with both the Gen 1 and Gen 2?

Both will be supported…


Thanks! Mine is being installed tomorrow.

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