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Rachio integration broken? (March 2018)

(NHaley) #1

Noticed this week, had been working last week. Devices are listed as inaccessible in the smartthings app.

(Bill) #2

Same issue here…

Edit: It seems that Anthony S. is already on it. See this thread Rachio "Slope is Null" is flooding Activity Feed

(Jimi) #3

I just purchased this unit but I have not installed yet and I am within my return window. I am interested to see if this gets fixed soon.

(Greg Baker) #4

Don’t return it. I have the Rachio timer as well. Although I have it sync’d with Smartthings I have never used Smartthings to control it. It is a great unit that does a great job just as it is. Smart Watering is brilliant. You won’t be disappointed.

(NHaley) #5

I agree with @smirkie - standalone Rachio is great. I have it integrated into ST primarily because it’s an easier connection to Google home/assistant. I frequently use it when repairing our water lines - I can easily access assistant on my phone and have it turn on one zone or another. Easier than accessing the Rachio app, anyway. I can’t say I use it for anything ST specific…

(Jimi) #6

Thanks for the feedback, i’ll install it and give it a fair chance. I am interested in ST integration mostly for monitoring and just to have everything controlled from one place. I have a zone dedicated to watering plants on the porch I still like to manually control. Does the ST integration even offer any control over the system?


Just a reminder that Racchio also has an IFTTT channel, so as a temporary workaround you should be able to get some integration that way. At the very least this can be used for direct integration with either Amazon echo or Google home:

(Bill) #8

Yes, when it worked you could turn each zone on or off. I also have it displayed as a panel in ActionTiles that gives me the visual when the Rachio Schedule runs and shows the status of each zone/valve.

I would agree with the comments above that I do not use ST much for controlling the Rachio except as noted through Google Assistant or in my case mostly Google Home…

(NHaley) #9

It’s meant to be a mostly standalone system, like Ecobee for example - set it and forget it.

When you want some finer control - like being able to turn on using voice control, etc., it helps to have the ST integration. GH does have a separate command for Rachio, but in my experience it’s clunky and doesn’t work very well. Much easier to route through ST.

(Jimi) #10

That’s exactly what I was hoping for guys, thank you for the feedback.

(Anthony S.) #11

(NHaley) #12

Thank you for all of your hard work!

(charlesdm) #13

I had similar issue a week ago, except my rachio said “unavailable” in smartthings, though it still worked in smartthings but wouldn’t with alexa i’m guessing because it said “unavailable” in smartthings. I did the usual, rebooted ST hub, rachio, nothing worked, but I then went into the rachio app and under “more” put the system in standby mode, then turned standby mode off and a minute or two later it showed up in smart things normally.

(Austin Andersen) #14

I am unable to open rachio within smartthings. All my devices show unavailable. When I click on the smart app it just does spinny icon for few seconds and quits. I try to add it again and gets stuck on spin icon. I cant seem to get into to delete app and resinstall. Anybody else have this issue?

(NHaley) #15

Try here.

(Chris Rose) #16

I just noticed today that I can’t access my Racchio gen 2 in Smartthings Classic. So removed all Rachio things, then went to the Marketplace to re-add them, and every time I tap on “+ Connect Now”, I get “Something’s Wrong…We can’t load your screen right now.”

(jkp) #17

Try this…


This looks promising… But… From a newbie standpoint - HOW do I apply this so I can start using my Rachio irrigation system with SamrtThings again?

(Leonard Jenkins) #19

Did you get this resolved?
I have the same situation…