Rachio Iro Smart Irrigation Controller Integration

Why would you open/shut that valve every time?

Leaky valves that are not in the budget to be fixed at this time.

Edit: not to mention, when I was running my rachio last year, it would sometimes go a week or two between flex scheduled waterings. Even if my valves didn’t leak, I might still be tempted to just shut it off at the main to prevent any unnecessary water loss.

@talz13, Rachio can already handle a master valve natively. It would be a lot more reliable than relying on SmartThings to control it.

Just noticed this official looking announcement on Rachio’s page:


Looks like integration will be available mid-April. Also, there are a couple of nice looking screenshots!


Yea it was supposed to be end of march :expressionless:

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It’s available now in our Marketplace under Irrigation.

edit: check back in 24 hours… sorry for jumping the gun!


Getting oauth errors on gen1

Getting oauth errors on gen1

same error here

Same…on gen1

Also getting oath errors on gen2

Ditto on gen 2

me three. no bueneo

Yup. Oops…

Hang in there, I’m taking a look.


I jumped the gun slightly. Check back in 24 hours, it should be there and allow you to sign in.

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Would the service manager that is Installed get the update, or should I uninstall and try again tomorrow?

Go ahead and uninstall it. You’ll be able to start fresh tomorrow and walk through the entire flow. Sorry for the trouble!

Not a problem…Glad to see the addition!

For those of you who tried to Install it and got the Oauth error… to uninstall it, go to ide, select location, then click Smartapps. On the top right click edit, then locate Rachio and click uninstall…

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