Rachio integration broken? (March 2018)

So is the issue with installing via the new ST app?

No, it looks like I can add it no problem - but once I do, the devices all show up as “unavailable” - I have 4 zones and the main controller that come up as devices, and each of them has that same status in the new app. No issues at all in the Classic app, however.

Yea the new app doesn’t support the custom attributes in the devices yet. Once ST adds support i will submit updates to support the new app

My Rachio Controller still works in the Classic App but not in the New App. I called Samsung and they told me that Rachio is no longer supported by Smartthings. I told them it is still showing as a supported device in the Classic App Marketplace. They didn’t have a real answer as to why that was the case. I am a little disappointed in Samsung handling of the New App integration.

I just got off the phone with Samsung Smartthings and they told my that Rachio is no longer supported by Smartthings, is this true, or is the integration just going slowly to the new app? If its just slow integration then Samsung should not be telling their customers that they no longer support Rachio (as it is the best sprinkler controller on the market and I cannot speak more highly of it), as this may affect peoples buying decisions. Just wanted to ask you directly if I should expect integration with the new app or not, and to let you know what Smartthings is telling their customers.

Having the same problem. Is there a fix?