Quirky porkfolio (piggy bank)

ok, this thing is such a random piece of crap that i bought 2, and finally randomly got it working … but it would be awesome to see how much change i have in ST

seems like it would be an easy app… pull data from wink account?

I have the code in the next quirky connect but it’s turned off. How many ST users have these? Maybe we can get it turned on.

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Both of my kids have one. Not sure what I’d do with it in ST, but it could be useful. Right now they just turn the Hue in their rooms random colors through IFTTT when they put money in.

I want this for Christmas. Todd, submit the code :slight_smile:

It was submitted a while back

Can you tell me how you set that up?

I use this IFTTT recipe: Porkfolio Random Colors

thanks, I assume I do not need a Wink hub to make this work

No, the Porkfolio uses Wi-Fi. That recipe just needs the Porkfolio, Hue hub, and a Hue bulb.

Goto this thread to get pre-release code for testing/tryout: Pre-Release of Quirky (Connect) Service Manager and 7 Devices