Quirky Files for Bankruptcy

ST should gobble this up now.


The writing was on the wall for quite some time… :frowning:

The Wink HUB and Wink Relay will continue to be available at The Home Depot and Amazon. Our customer support team will continue to provide the same quality assistance we pride ourselves on. Wink will continue to be Wink

The question is for how long? While supplies last? Ok, just read the press release. Looks like China’s Flextronics is the only bidder for Wink.

P.S. If ST would acquire Wink, would they call is STink? :smile:


Well, I’m certainly glad I made the jump to ST!

Verizon dropped out earlier this year, not that Wink is out of the game, but who is next?

Wink is out of my game. I just came onboard with ST and I was going to inveterate wink, ST, and hue all together with echo for a more diverse and powerful system.

I finished migrating all of my devices to ST last night, unplugged and stick wink on the shelf in the garage.

I found the V2 hub to be an amazingly powerful device for my needs. Wink was only slowing things down.

Though, ST could take some things from the wink app… Like the ability to turn off a group of lights with one click, out all devices off, and a dedicated page to see all of my groups with notification of devices on or off.

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PEQ, maybe?

PEQ and many other white-labeled products / services are actually from http://Icontrol.com, so there’s a big player behind them who most people aren’t aware of.

I wish Quirky would just open sourced Wink hardware and software. Otherwise it just going to die slow and painful death.


I started out with Wink then after all the problems and especially the BIG outage where my hub had to be sent back. I made the Jump to ST and never looked back. I think that if ST bought out wink they would also get all the rights to things like Nest and MyQ I would think.

And pay $15 million+ to outbid the current offer on the Quirky?

15 Mil is nothing for a company like Samsung. Especially when you can incorporate their technology and get their patents


Nail --> Head. Just received my ST V2 hub last night, my Wink hub days are numbered.

With respect to flextronics…according to engadget…

The contract manufacturing outfit Flextronics is making a “stalking horse” offer for Wink to set a baseline price, but the hope is that another company will pony up a greater amount.

Who knows if they are truly interested or if it was a move to keep the price from being to low.

Seems silly to pay $15mil to buy out what little competition there is vs. let them die for free.

If their proprietary information was so great than why are they going bankrupt?

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Does anyone know if wink stuff would work with ST easily…maybe a selloff happening? dunno…just a thought…

So I know a lot of people complain about ST, but it really is a great platform and is proving to be a much more resilient beast than other platforms…for example…

Wink, looks like company is going bankrupt…

Patents would be the key here. But the question is would the patents be included? And if so, would they be valuable?

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Flextronics is a hardware maker. They don’t know sh*t about software. All they care about is to cut their losses from unsold inventory, components and tooling. I bet Quirky owes them a pretty penny.

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The list of compatible products looks to already be compatible with ST. The only thing I see of any value would be the Wink Relay, but it’s overpriced.

Yeah i thought they had more branded components, but it looks like only the relay…oh well.